These 20 Primary Bathroom Ideas Are Pure Genius

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There are many factors that come into play when homeowners consider embarking on a bathroom remodel — budget, square footage, and functionality. While all of those things are important, they don't mean that your personal sense of style should get lost in the shuffle. This is the perfect opportunity to transform your space into a blissful sanctuary where you can let go of the stress from the day and recharge. Here are 20 primary bathroom design ideas that are full of personality and ready to inspire you to do some light redecorating or plunge into a full renovation.


1. Soft blues and grays are always soothing.

Soft colors evoke feelings of calm and relaxation just by looking at them. But sometimes just going with all-white or gray can feel kind of bland. Try painting your cabinetry in a shade of cornflower blue, like the cheery hue used in this design by Chango & Co. It's hard to not be happy when surrounded by a color scheme like this. Try matching your vanity with a tiled floor for some extra style.

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2. Use neutrals in a small bathroom.

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If your primary bath isn't exactly spacious, fret not. Great design makes even the smallest setups feel expansive. Take a page from this Culver City, California bungalow belonging to Mike Palermo, CCO of Junk Food Clothing, which feels larger than life thanks to neutral tones, pale wood, and natural light. A smaller vanity leaves room for a walk-in shower, and who amongst us wouldn't want that in our bathroom design?


3. Going with all-white always works.

Glamour reigns supreme in Jillian Harris's all-white bathroom. From the art deco-inspired light fixture to the freestanding tub to the floor-to-ceiling drapery, this space is elegance galore. We could indulge in bubble baths every day and never tire of all the pretty details. Follow her lead and break up the sea of white by adding texture with picture frame wall molding.


4. Add accessories like rugs and textiles.

When it comes to decorating your bath, or giving it a refresh, it's all about how the little things fit together. Just a few small touches can turn an otherwise neutral space into a design that matches your unique personality. In this primary bath makeover by Jenny from Little Green Notebook, brass fixtures, Turkish hand towels, dark wood cabinets, and a Southwestern-inspired area rug make the space feel super chic and original. Try switching out your bath mat with something bold and see how this small step can transform your space.



5. Switch things up with boho inspo.

If all-white and marble isn't your thing, there are a plethora of design choices to choose from that would better suit your personality. For instance, if bohemian style speaks to you, take notes of this perfectly curated bathroom filled with woven details, natural materials, and a healthy dose of lush greenery. This cast-iron, clawfoot tub with a perfect patina and blanket ladder — scratch that, ​towel​ ladder — are nice touches, too.


6. Brings the outdoors in with plants and stone tile.

Get in touch with your nature loving self and create a primary bath that reflects your love of the great outdoors. Copy the primary bath in this Carmel Valley home and pretend you're bathing in the great outdoors. Large windows, earthy tiling, and verdant plants mimic the look and feel of a lush tropical rainforest. We love the mix of textures with both stone and pebble tile.


7. Go big with a bathtub and shower.

It's a primary bath — shouldn't more than one person be able to wash the day away simultaneously? Sallie from GreyHunt Interiors seems to think so, as proven by her stunning ensuite that includes a luxurious soaking tub and a walk-in shower. Keep this in mind when you're looking to do a renovation and want your space to work for everyone in your household. Or, do a roomy tub and shower combo instead.



8. Two sinks are better than one.

This white primary bath by Alexander Design is taking full advantage of a double vanity with two vessel sinks. So you, a roommate, your sweetheart, or even a little one can brush their teeth, wash their face, or shave while you're busy with your extensive skincare routine. A set of matching oversize mirrors, lit by individual wall sconces, adds a sense of symmetry and grandeur to this bright and airy space.


9. Pick a bold pattern underfoot.

Nothing could be more fabulous than soaking in a sculptural freestanding bathtub next to a crackling fire. Except, maybe doing it in this beautiful bathroom, designed by Elizabeth Roberts, that features a mesmerizing black and white patterned floor tile. Going with a pattern or bold color on your bathroom floor, and keeping the rest of your room white, is a seriously chic and very on-trend approach you won't soon regret. We promise.


10. Draw inspiration from Japanese design.

Installing wood on the floors, walls, and ceiling gives this primary bath clean lines and a cohesive finish. There's something so calming about this ultra-sophisticated yet simple design — we feel more relaxed just by looking at it. And that Japanese-style soaking tub is one enviable feature for sure. If you can't go all out and clad every surface of your space with wood, add some natural wood accents and keep the rest of the design as minimal and free of distraction as possible so you can chill out.


11. Wake things up with wallpaper.

Want to make a big impression in your primary bath? Consider adding a luxe wallpaper. In this gorgeous traditional design by Landed Interiors, a bold floral pattern pairs beautifully with the checkerboard patterned wood flooring. Wallpaper is a fantastic way to freshen up your decor and turn a blah space into something to talk about. While there are limitless patterns out there, some work better with the moisture and humidity that exists in bathrooms — so do your research first.

12. Let the natural light in.

Whether you're thinking of adding a skylight or a big window like this one (or maybe you're lucky enough to already have both), let that natural light into your bathroom. Not only is it simply stunning, but it will do wonders for your mood, too. We love the pair of pedestal sinks that stand right in front of the most gorgeous view. Face the light while you get ready in the morning for a nice boost. Plus it's the perfect spot to put on your face before you head out the door!

13. Let your tile do the talking.

Talk about la vie en rose. This mosaic tile accent wall overlooking a deep soaking tub is a stunner. An empty bathroom wall is the perfect spot to create a focal point with tile. Keep the rest of the space somewhat simple. Or, if you're renting, consider a removable tile that won't violate your rental agreement.


14. Give shiplap walls a makeover.

Create a whole mood in your primary bath with floor-to-ceiling shiplap. But instead of traditional white, give the classic look a modern makeover, with a dramatic maroon hue. This bathroom idea from Heidi Caillier may be unexpected for those who love white walls, but how utterly cool is this design? The gray penny tile floors, the marble wall tile inside the shower, the arch detail over the shower enclosure the marble countertop — we could go on and on about how much we love this space. Step outside your comfort zone when it comes to your bathroom decor. You might just surprise yourself.

15. Hang a statement lamp where you soak.

This large primary bathroom by Studio McGee, complete with a freestanding tub, is beyond stunning. The soothing shades of white and beige blend together perfectly. But that large pendant light hanging overhead takes this sanctuary of soak to the next level. Install a similar fixture or a chandelier over the tub to instantly elevate your space.

16. Turn up the heat with some cabin-core.

This freestanding tub looks like the perfect spot to unwind and escape. But it's the wood-clad surroundings that really warm up our hearts. The marble floor tile breaks up the rustic design just enough to create visual interest without taking anything away from the cozy setup. We're ready to rethink using tile in favor of natural wood on our walls.

17. Go old-world with your vanity.

Make your sink area something truly special with a vanity that feels like it's from another time and place. Convert an old dresser or credenza into a dreamy focal point in your primary bath à la this one from Amber Interiors. Complete the idyllic scene with marble wall tile, a brass showerhead and faucet, and a vintage-inspired rug.

18. Contrast white walls with black floor tile.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

Dreaming of a minimalist bathroom bursting with contrast? Follow the lead of this black and white design — the hexagon floor tile is the star of the show while the vertical subway tile on the walls acts as a sleek yet perfectly inconspicuous backdrop. The brass rain showerhead is a dazzling finishing touch.

19. Say yes way to hot pink.

The thing about your primary bathroom is, it's yours. And like the rest of your home, it should reflect who you are and how you want to live. So if you're a person who likes bold color combos, then just do it. How about a hot pink floating vanity with light pink patterned floors? Done and done. The vanity is a great spot to do something a little out of the ordinary. Just keep the rest of your space white to balance out the bold color choice.

20. Welcome a statement-making slab of marble.

If you're dreaming of a hotel-worthy primary bathroom, then get a load of this stunner. The black walls and vanity cabinet are the perfect moody backdrop for the real star of the show: the thick marble countertop complete with dramatic veining. Swoon! But the dreamy good looks (and the marble) don't stop there — note the integrated sink and built-in shelving. The brass fixtures are the perfect finishing touch.



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