Mosaic Tile Bathroom Backsplash Ideas That'll Prove You Have Impeccable Taste

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If you've ever taken an art class, then you've probably studied beautifully detailed mosaic works of art. Luckily for us, we don't need to be world-renowned artists in order to incorporate the timeless look into our own homes. And we know the perfect place to start: the bathroom.


Looking to reinvigorate your loo? All you really need to do is add a mosaic tile backsplash to quickly and easily transform your water closet into a spa-worthy sanctuary. Interested? Here are seven bathroom backsplash ideas made up of small tile that will add function AND form to your personal oasis.

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1. Add contrast.

If you've chosen to opt for a pedestal or wall-mounted sink, it makes sense to think about running your backsplash from the floor to mid-height, protecting the surface from any splashes or drips. A simple round, penny tile with contrasting grout will create a graphic effect, as seen with this bathroom backsplash by BAM Constructions. Understated yet oh-so-chic.

Get the look: Roca Tile Penny Round Mosaic in Pearl White Bright, $10.10 per sheet

2. Opt for herringbone.

The beauty of tile is that you can mix and match different colors to create a truly unique design. Follow the lead of Sarah and Dan from Joinery and Design Co. and give your bathroom backsplash idea a gray and white ombre effect. It pairs beautifully with the marble countertop and wood vanity cabinet. Plus, the herringbone pattern doesn't hurt either.


Get the look: Mercury Mosaics 2"x6" Subway Tile in Herringbone — 77E Grey, 130 White, 11 Deco White, $59 per sq. ft.

3. Go glam.

Mosaic tile is perfect for creating a luxe and glam effect, especially if you select an option with a little sparkle, as seen behind the bathtub in this setup. The backsplash runs along the entirety of the tub, ensuring the oversize artwork above is safe from relaxing bubble baths.



Get the look: Bisazza Huron 256.05 Garnet Aventurina, $19.98 per sheet

4. Frame your backsplash.

You spend countless hours in front of the bathroom vanity getting ready. So why not make a feature out of the area by framing it? We love the simple addition of a wooden border around the mosaic tile backsplash in this bathroom by Diomede Design — it really draws your eyes in and adds warmth to the look.


Get the look: WS Tiles Value Series Porcelain Mosaic Tile in Bright White, $3.89 per sq. ft.

5. Blend multiple glazes.

Give your bathroom backsplash idea a subtle effect by blending different glazes (Pro tip: make sure they're all on the same clay body). This simple trick really ensures that your mosaic tile backsplash is the star of the show, and of course, you're more than welcome to play with color as well for a bolder approach.


Get the look: Fireclay Tile Ogee Drop in Calcite, White Wash, Daisy, Gypsum, and French Linen, $35 per sq. ft.


6. Keep it simple.

There's something about a strip of mosaic tile that just exudes class, don't you think? Even without bright colors and eye-catching patterns, it can still make a powerful statement as proven by this monochromatic bathroom backsplash idea by Zephyr and Stone. The vertical layout and glazed finish of the mosaic tile produces a captivating ripple effect that is modern and sleek without being distracting or too busy.


Get the look: Artedomus Inax Yohen Border, pricing upon request

7. Embrace texture.

When you're looking for mosaic tile backsplash inspiration, search for something a little different. Kelly of Studio DIY used this vibrant zellige option in her bathroom and the result is full of texture and rich in color. Sometimes the imperfect is actually the perfect solution.

Get the look: Clé Tile Secret Lagoon Mounted Zellige Tile, $32.50 per sq. ft.



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