These Gray Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Pair Well With Pretty Much Anything

bathroom backsplash idea with gray penny tile behind vessel sink
credit: Home Depot

A timeless bathroom backsplash idea that never goes out of style? Tile and stone in pretty much any one of the many different shades of gray. Far from boring, gray is neutral but elegant, and can range from pale and pearlescent to dark and dramatic, and a bath splash can range from teeny tiny tile to large-scale stone slabs.

Take a look at six of our favorite gray bathroom backsplash ideas, behind sinks and baths — and consider one of them for your own relaxing oasis.

1. Skinny Marble Bathroom Backsplash

Bathroom backsplash idea with narrow piece of gray marble to match countertop
credit: Chango & Co.

A little marble goes a long way. Source a strip a few inches tall in a shade of pale gray to wrap around the back and sides of your vanity area like the team over at Chango & Co. did in this bath. This will protect the wall from water. It'll be even better if you've got marble countertops to match.

2. Dark Soapstone Bathroom Backsplash

Bathroom backsplash idea with dark gray to match countertop
credit: Studio McGee

For a gray bathroom backsplash idea that's on the dark side, opt for soapstone, slate, or even concrete. (Soapstone is a particularly practical choice: In addition to looking sharp, it's extra durable and easy to clean.) Add in a little ledge above for added detailing while you're at it, as seen in this bathroom by Shea from Studio McGee.

Get the look: Home Depot Hampshire 6x24 Slate Tile, $46.34/case

3. Glossy Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

A bathroom backsplash idea showcasing glossy subway tile in a pearly gray hue is a subtle, soft twist on the always popular subway tile trend that's been everywhere in recent years. Dark grout adds a little intrigue, while white grout adds to the clean and quiet look.

4. Oversize Tile Bathroom Backsplash

bathroom backsplash idea with oversize tile behind vessel sinks
credit: Smart Tiles

Protect the area around your bathroom sink (or tub) with a backsplash composed of large-scale tile. It'll look seamless and elegant in a pale gray hue, complemented by wood countertops as seen here. And can you even believe that this tile is actually peel and stick?

5. Penny Tile Bathroom Backsplash

bathroom backsplash idea with gray penny tile behind vessel sink
credit: Home Depot

For pattern and intrigue, choose tiny tiles for your bathroom backsplash, like classic penny tile. We like the look of this dark gray option paired with a light grout for a modern-meets-classic result. (Or, flip it: Pair light gray penny tile with dark grout for a bath that channels Scandi style.)

6. Marble Slab Bathroom Backsplash

Go glam in the space around a freestanding bath or behind a sink with a gray marble slab backsplash — or another natural gray stone — like Ashley Rose from Sugar & Cloth. The generous size will make your space feel extra luxe, and it'll protect the walls from splashes and drips, too.

Annie Quigley

Annie Quigley is a freelance writer, editor, and poet whose work has appeared in Remodelista, Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere.