These Are the 7 Most Popular Bathroom Sink Materials on the Market

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There are a few ways to really make your personality shine in the bathroom. You can choose a bright, punchy color palette that reflects your sunny nature. Hang up some artwork that will always make you smile. Or, you can weave in baskets and other boho storage options to create an atmosphere as relaxed as you are. You can also showcase your tastes through the materials you choose, including that of your bathroom sink.


Today, sinks are available in a near-dizzying array of materials and hues. The porcelain-or-nothing era is long gone. You can bring an air of distinctiveness into your bath by choosing a sink material that's clean and classic, like vitreous china or a solid surface option. You could embrace natural materials with concrete, marble, or onyx. Or, push the envelope with steel or glass.

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We've done the hard work of laying out the pros and cons for each of these bathroom sink materials so you don't have to. Get ready to be inspired and brainstorm fresh ideas to give your personal sanctuary a dreamy refresh.

1. Vitreous China Bathroom Sink

Vitreous china is a common bathroom sink material. Coated with enamel, it's nearly identical to porcelain, but the bonus is that the coating protects better against stains and use. Vitreous china also carries a similar price point to porcelain, and it's a good option for a budget bathroom.


In this modern-meets-traditional powder room designed by Emily Henderson, a vitreous china sink sits pretty in front of blue wainscoting and an oval mirror.

2. Solid Surface Bathroom Sink

Typically, solid surface sinks are a mix of acrylic and polyester particles held together with resin. Simply put: this material can be formed and molded into tons of different shapes and is available in undermount and integral styles that mesh with the countertop. It's durable and requires less maintenance than other sink materials, and while it's easy on the budget the marble-like patterns can tend to look a bit too faux at times.



This nearly all-white bath designed by Kevin Vallely of Vallely Architecture features a pair of sleek and seamless solid surface undermount sinks.

3. Concrete Bathroom Sink

If you're going for an unexpected, industrial feel, you can't go wrong with concrete. While it's certainly sturdy and stylish, remember that a concrete bathroom sink will require an occasional coat of sealant when it gets chipped and scratched. But if you enjoy a well-worn look, you'll likely embrace those imperfections. Even though concrete is considered an economical material, concrete sinks are usually pricey since they have to be custom-made.


A concrete integrated sink takes center stage in this bathroom designed by Shea of Studio McGee.

4. Marble Bathroom Sink

Marble is gorgeous, and it's definitely having a moment in modern bathrooms. Known for its one-of-a-kind veining and timeless look, what's not to love? Well, since it's on the porous side, you'll need to periodically seal it to protect against stains. Additionally, and not surprisingly, the luxe and elegant material can be expensive.



In this contemporary bath designed by the team at SJB, attention-grabbing marble sinks are in good company with a matching marble backsplash, floating vanity, and flooring. Swoon!

5. Onyx Bathroom Sink

Onyx is a visually stunning choice for a bathroom sink. The lines and curves of its natural veining communicate a geode-like feel that's guaranteed to catch eyes. But it does have its downsides. Onyx is soft and delicate, which means it's quite prone to chips and scratches. It has to be sealed and refinished regularly to look its very best. Plus, it's also known to be one of the more cha-ching sink materials on the market. But if you have the means, we say go for it!


In this bathroom designed by architecture and design firm Strianese + Pew, dusty pink onyx looks striking and fanciful as a sink.

6. Steel Bathroom Sink

Yes, you can take steel out of the kitchen and put it in your bathroom instead. In fact, steel looks pretty darn cool in a modern-day bath. It's incredibly durable and won't break the bank. The only things to think about are that it only comes in silver (which is important to consider if you're all about matching the metal finishes in your bath) and can easily show water spots.



This steel bathroom sink in a townhouse designed by Lubrano Ciavarra Architects is the epitome of industrial-chic.

7. Glass Bathroom Sink

For artistic ambiance in your bath, look no further than a glass bathroom sink. Available in myriad colors and patterns, glass, which usually appears as a vessel sink, is a creative choice that's painless to clean. But since it is glass, it can be predisposed to cracks over time. They also tend to be more costly than run-of-the-mill options.

In a bathroom belonging to Justina Blakeney of Jungalow a glass vessel sink offers a truly unique touch to this breezy small space.



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