Glass Bathroom Countertops 101: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know (And More)

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Glass began to find its way into bathrooms during the height of the 1980s — we've all seen glass slabs or block walls used in bygone baths at one time or another. Nowadays, without looking dated or passé, glass is yet again having a moment. However, this time around, its use is streamlined for bathroom countertops — a trend that we are absolutely here for. But before taking the plunge, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind. Read on for all of the details, including pros and cons and shoppable inspo.


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There are a couple types of glass countertops to consider. Tempered glass is thought to be the best and most durable option because it has undergone a heat process that makes the material stronger — which means you don't have to worry about it breaking. Non-tempered glass hasn't gone through the heat-treating process and isn't as sturdy. Glass countertops also include a polymer resin that improves the bond between the glass particles, smoothing out the surface.


We would consider a glass countertop to be an investment, so it might not be the best choice if you're keeping a budget in mind. As one of the pricier countertop materials out there, you can expect to pay around $50 per square foot on the low end, all the way up to $105 per square foot for premium glass.


Since it's not a porous material, glass countertops are often praised for their ability to be quite hygienic. Also, it won't soak up tough stains, which makes maintenance a breeze. Most experts say that a damp towel or sponge will suffice when cleaning — just avoid using abrasive materials, since they can damage your countertop.


Besides its uncanny talent to stay clean with very little maintenance, glass really does look cool. It's an eye-catching material that can be molded and customized to your whims. Are you dreaming of a clear ocean-blue bathroom countertop? Perhaps one with a light underneath or a ripple texture? You can make it a reality with glass. Also, many glass countertops are made using recycled materials, so it's a green choice, too.


Even though it's a pretty strong material, it's not perfect. Like other countertop materials, nicks, scuffs, and chips can happen, and when they do, it can be expensive to have your counters repaired. But if you treat them with some extra TLC, you'll likely enjoy your bathroom countertops for years to come.


Glass Bathroom Countertop Idea #1: Make your countertop the star of the show.

If your bathroom sticks to a single hue, such as gray or white, a glass countertop is a brilliant way to break up the monotony. Not to mention, it will be the star of the show. For example, in this modern sanctuary designed by Quezada Architecture, a floating sea-green glass countertop pops against a dreamy gray and white backdrop.

Glass Bathroom Countertop Idea #2: Integrate your sinks.

Why take attention away from your gleaming bathroom countertop with a bulky sink? Instead, blend the two together, like this wall-mounted vanity from The Interior Gallery. It features two infinity-style sinks integrated directly into the tempered glass countertop, resulting in a unique, uninterrupted design.

Glass Bathroom Countertop Idea #3: Complement with a vessel sink.

For a truly stylish and modern look in your bathroom, consider topping your glass countertop with a vessel sink. This little vanity cabinet by Walmart has the look down pat, complete with a tempered glass countertop, ceramic sink, and chrome faucet. Walmart even throws in a mirror, too.