These Swatch Phone Ads From the '80s Are Killing Us

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Swatch is best known for its iconic, streamlined wristwatch designs, which were ultra popular in the '80s and '90s. What you might not know (or have forgotten) is that the Swiss company also tried to break into the phone market in the late '80s, introducing the Swatch TwinPhone in 1989.

Marketed to teens, the phone featured a handset, plus a cradle that also functioned as a handset, meaning you could have a friend listen in or participate in a call. It would seem there were some commercials for the product, and they are works of such '80s magnificence that we actually had to question whether or not they were really good spoofs. They're not.

I mean, just look at this guy's hair. It's...beyond description.

Of the four commercials included in this reel, three feature various "relatable" dating scenarios, but we're particularly partial to the saga of "Billy," troubled teen who you know is troubled because he wears a leather jacket and goes places where it rains a lot.

Have fun:

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