Aldi’s Cold Foam Will Give You Barista-Level Drinks at Home

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All right, #coffeetok. The perfect iced coffee ingredient has been found for your DIY creations.


TikToker @annalovescoffee shared an amazing Aldi product that might change your iced coffee game completely: sweet vanilla and mocha fudge cold foam.

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Imagine a whipped cream–style aerosol bottle filled with a delicious sweet cream that's the ideal topping for an iced coffee, providing both milkiness and sweetness — not to mention it creates a photo-ready finish!


It's the perfect dupe for Starbucks' or Dunkin's cold foam, and it will kick up your home coffee game to the next level. Best of all, it might even save you some money; an entire can of the Aldi cold foam costs less than $5, which is probably what you'd spend on a Starbucks drink.

"Millionth reason why [A]ldi is superior," wrote one TikToker in the comments.


Some users did note that you could achieve the same texture of creaminess by ‌not‌ shaking a can of whipped cream before you use it. But that would lack the vanilla and mocha flavors.

Other users noted you can find this product at other stores too, including Kroger.

We're thinking it's time for a grocery run!



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