Cloud Smoothies Are the Dreamiest Drink of Summer 2022

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TikTok has come through again, bringing us another pretty drink that is as aesthetically appealing as it is tasty. First, there was creamy whipped coffee, followed by the mouthwatering whipped lemonade, and now TikTok user @thishouse5000, also known as Elena, is showing off their majestic cloud smoothie — a sweet, healthy, and absolutely beautiful summer treat.


While the drink may look a little daunting to make on your own, the recipe is a lot simpler than it may seem. Elena begins by scooping a little bit of Greek yogurt onto a spoon and pressing it against the inside of a glass to create the illusion of clouds. Layer the circles on top of each other for extra fluffiness.

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For the actual smoothie, you'll start by adding one cup of frozen mango, half a cup of fresh pineapple, one cup of coconut milk, two tablespoons of yogurt, and two tablespoons of blue spirulina powder to a blender. Mix until creamy.

Next, Elena begins working on the top layer. They crush up some raspberries and stir the fruit into cold foam. If you're wondering how to make cold foam, just use a frother with your milk of choice. Or if you don't own a frother, add the milk to a sealable jar and shake until the milk becomes a foamy consistency (and your arm hurts).


Elena pours the smoothie from the blender into the mug with the clouds to resemble a blue sky. They then add the cold foam mixture on the top and garnish with a few edible flowers.

Ta-da! You now have yourself a dreamy cloud smoothie.

TikTok users were impressed to say the least, especially because recreating the drink looks a lot more challenging than it actually is. It's almost too pretty to drink … almost!

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