This TikTok Drink Will Be Everywhere This Summer

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Step aside, whipped coffee. Whipped lemonade is officially the TikTok drink of the summer!


Video of the Day

Over the past few months, we've seen TikTokers try all sorts of variations on the whipped coffee trend, but with the new season almost here, we're definitely feeling the sweet and fruity vibes of whipped lemonade.

The first viral video that caught our eye was this one by @goldenxclouds, who used a simple recipe of whipping cream, strawberry lemonade Kool-Aid, ice, regular lemonade, and a fresh strawberry to create the refreshing drink.


According to the TikTok, you can simply whip togther the cream and Kool-Aid, pour some lemonade over ice, scoop the whipped topping into your glass, and garnish with fruit. Easy!

A second viral video was posted by @.avastonek, who created their own take on whipped lemonade using egg whites instead of cream. (Perhaps a little sus but remember, egg whites do work in sours.) And TikTok user @.aestheticlife3 also makes a variation that looks delish.

While it might take a little experimentation to nail your own recipe, we think making a supremely photogenic sweet-meets-tangy poolside beverage is worth the endeavor. Just be sure sure to get a hand or stand mixer to make your life a little easier — whipping by hand is a workout!