These New Packed-With-Flavor Chips Are Making Aldi Shoppers Drool

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If you've got a pulse on the snacking scene, you're likely familiar with "all dressed" potato chips. The flavor features a combo of several different popular chip varieties: ketchup, salt and vinegar, barbecue sauce, and sour cream and onion. It's delicious, to say the least — but it's mainly available in Canada.


Thankfully, Aldi just made it possible to enjoy the chips in the U.S. According to Reddit users, the discount grocery store is currently offering all dressed potato chips, and the taste is spot on.

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"I just got back from Aldi myself and these blew my mind. Should have gotten two bags," said one shopper on Reddit. Another person shared: "I've always heard about these from Canadian friends, but never tried them until I saw them at my store this week. I really, really, really like them. I hope they stick around a while!"

It's worth noting that the Aldi version, which is by Clancy's, doesn't feature the same flavor notes as the traditional Canadian version. According to the packaging, it has a "mixture of barbecue, salt and vinegar, and ketchup," so it doesn't include the sour cream and onion elements.

Still, according to shoppers, the chips are delicious, so it's worth stopping by Aldi if you're interested. The product costs $2.19 per 9.5-ounce bag and, like most goodies at Aldi, is available for a limited time.


Other snacks to try at Aldi:

If you're not loving the idea of all dressed potato chips, you'll be glad to know that Aldi is also offering spicy dill wavy potato chips. Each bag also costs $2.19 and is a great option if you're looking for something a bit simpler.

Where else can you buy all dressed potato chips?

On Amazon, the All Dressed Potato Chips from Ruffles are available straight from the manufacturer. They about $17 for two bags, so they're a bit pricey — but it might be worth taking the plunge if you're curious about the snack.



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