Aldi Gave This Popular Crunchy Snack a Tasty Upgrade

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As far as snacks go, chocolate-covered pretzels check so many boxes. For starters, they're equal parts sweet and salty, making them an actual party for your taste buds. The snack is also crunchy and satisfying AF to eat. And while you can't go wrong with plain and simple chocolate, there's something special about fancier versions.


For example, at Aldi, you can now buy chocolate covered pretzels with toffee. The product, which is by Clancy's, is made with milk chocolate and crushed toffee bits. It also costs just $3.29 per bag, according to a post on Aldi's official Instagram page.

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The combo is sure to be delicious, as toffee has a rich buttery caramel flavor that pairs beautifully with chocolate. We can only imagine how good it tastes with salty pretzels too.

"I ate a half a bag on way home from Aldi yesterday," commented one shopper on the Instagram post. "I've had these before, they are fantastic," said another user.

People have also expressed their love for the snack on Reddit. "Got these for the first time and just inhaled them. [I] will definitely get more!" shared an Aldi shopper.


Yet another Reddit user shared a brilliant suggestion for using the toffee bits at the bottom of the bag: "Save the pile of toffee crumbs in the bottom of the bag for your ice cream." Yum.

If you want to try the Clancy's Milk Chocolate Covered Toffee Pretzels, you'll want to stop by Aldi soon. You can find the closest location in the brand's store directory.


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