Sam's Club Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings About This New Seasonal Snack

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Typically, when it comes to tortilla chips, there aren't a ton of flavors to choose from. Sure, some versions are made with different types of corn, while others are flavored with lime or queso. But compared to snacks like potato chips, the world of tortilla chips is relatively predictable — unless you shop at Sam's Club, that is.


According to recent post by Instagram @samsclubmembers, the warehouse is now offering pumpkin-flavored tortilla chips. Yes, ​pumpkin​. The snack, which is available on the Sam's Club website, is described as "real pumpkin-infused tortilla chips generously dusted with cinnamon and sugar for a crispy crunch."

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Instagram users have mixed feelings about the snack, which is understandable, considering dessert tortilla chips are uncommon. Plus, according to the product reviews, it seems like the chips have a subtle pumpkin taste — something you may or may not enjoy.

For example, one reviewer who liked the mild taste described them as "a little sweet, a little salty." They went on to add: "They have a pumpkin flavor, but [it's] not overwhelming. [I] will buy again!" In contrast, another reviewer didn't detect a pumpkin flavor and thought they tasted like regular tortilla chips.


If you want to try the snack for yourself, it's currently available at Sam's Club for $3.98 per 16-ounce bag. You can also become a member by visiting the Sam's Club website.

What to eat with pumpkin-flavored tortilla chips:

Here are some delicious ways to eat the new Sam's Club item:


  • Pair the chips with cream cheese dip or apple butter
  • Crush the chips and enjoy as an ice cream topper
  • Add chopped fruit, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, nuts, and/or whipped cream to make dessert nachos

One reviewer thinks the sweetness of the chips will taste good with salsa. It's a unique combo, but you know what they say — don't knock it 'till you try it!



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