This Green Mac and Cheese Is Perfect for Kids and Adults

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If pasta is your go-to easy meal, we've found the perfect recipe for you. On TikTok, there's a 20-minute mac and cheese recipe going viral that both kids ‌and‌ adults will love.


In a video, Amy Palanjian (@yummytoddlerfood) shares a recipe for green mac and cheese that's quick and simple to make. Although they state it's their go-to when they run out of boxed mac and cheese, it's a great alternative in general, as it's packed with veggies.


To make the green mac and cheese, boil a pot of water, simmer cauliflower until tender, and transfer it to a blender. Next, add butter, baby spinach, milk, and cheese and blend until it's creamy and smooth. (FYI: Palanjian says despite the veggies, the sauce tastes just like cheese sauce!) Then, cook the pasta in the same water as the cauliflower. When the pasta's done, add the sauce and it's ready to go!

According to Palanjian, their kids enjoy eating the mac and cheese — or as they refer to it, "monster mac" — plain but Palanjian suggests adding a bunch of pepper for extra flavor.

With only a handful of ingredients and taking only 20 minutes to make, this green mac and cheese recipe is one you'll definitely want to try.



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