Drew Barrymore Turned Her Bedroom’s Walk-in Closet Into a Completely Different Space

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Most people use their walk-in closets for clothing storage. Drew Barrymore, however, is not most people. (Though, Barrymore's messy bedroom is peak relatable.)


The actress and TV host has transformed a small walk-in closet in her Manhattan apartment into an intimate meditation room, as revealed in a recent New York Magazine profile.

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The walls are not only lined with flamingo wallpaper, but also pages and pages of journal entries, as well as sticky notes with aphorisms and affirmations. Much of the writing reflects the Jungian concept of the shadow, which is "everything we don't want to be but fear we are," according to the article. Barrymore notes that it's something she regularly works on with her therapist.

"Every single New Yorker seeing this is immediately envious of and appalled by this use of precious closet space," wrote one commenter on the Instagram post sharing the article.

Barrymore, of course, likely has more than enough space for storage — she combined two units in her building to create a duplex. (Remember last summer's viral video of Barrymore discovering a hidden window in her apartment? That's from this project!) And hey, if you have the space, might as well use it!



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