This Is How Much Money You'll Save By Growing Your Own Food

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As grocery prices continue to soar, people are leaning more into gardening and growing their own food to save a few bucks.


A 16-ounce package of organic spring mix, for example, will cost you about $5 at your local grocery store. A pack of salad mix seeds that is under $10 gives you way more bang for your buck — most reviewers of this product said they had much more lettuce than they knew what to do with. Plus, you can harvest lettuce multiple times in a season. That's a lot of $5 tubs of salad you won't have to buy at the grocery store.


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But some argue that growing your own food isn't worth it because of the time, energy, and extra costs involved. So how much do you actually save by growing your own food?

A recent report from Tree Triage found that growing your own food saves an average of $65 per month on groceries. And a whopping 92% of respondents in the survey said that their homegrown food tastes better than the stuff at the store.

We wholeheartedly agree! There's just something about the love and hard work involved with growing your own food that makes it taste extra delicious.



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