Costco Fans Are Losing It Over This Ginormous Outdoor Chair

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There are a million reasons we love Costco, from its impressive collection of discounted home decor to its cult-favorite Kirkland groceries. But one thing we never expected to find at the warehouse — much less captivate the online community of the Costco-obsessed — is a Costco giant camp chair.


Costco fans have been buzzing about this absolutely massive chair. Yes, it's the kind of chair you'd bring to your kid's soccer game or to an outdoor concert. Yes, it's the kind of chair that is really only designed to fit a single person.

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This one, however, is ‌so‌ ginormous that you could easily fit three kids in the seat. In fact, there are six cup holders, so you can likely fit even more. And in case you were curious, the Costco giant camp chair measures a whopping 62.2 inches deep, 67.52 inches high, and 41.34 inches wide, with a total weight capacity of 600 pounds. We're also happy to report that it comes with a bag to tote it (err ... lug it) around.


Truth be told, this is definitely more of a gimmick than an actually useful chair. "I love it. I get looks and laughs when I show people the giant chair. Everyone wants a picture in it," wrote one reviewer on Costco's website.

If the Costco giant camp chair is out of stock online in your area, be sure to give your local warehouse a call to check for Costco store item availability. At $140, it might be a ‌little‌ overpriced for a photo prop. But if you're really, really, really tall, perhaps this chair could genuinely work for you!



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