14 Affordable Farmhouse-Chic IKEA Finds

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When we think of IKEA's design sensibility, we mostly think: cool, modern, Scandi-chic. But, of course, the genius of IKEA is that there's a little something for everyone. One design style we don't always associate with the well-priced retailer? Farmhouse. But if you dig deep enough, you'll find plenty of decor accents and furniture pieces that are spot-on for farmhouse-chic homes. Check out these products:


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1. Tarnaby Table Lamp, $24.99

2. Hostmys Decorative Balls (4 pack), $4.99

3. Lindrande Decorative Star, $12.99

4. Ingalill Cushion Cover, $6.99

5. Rotera Lantern, $3.99

6. Ektorp Loveseat, $379

7. Smalruta Duvet Set (Queen), $39.99


8. Fulltalig Candlestick Set, $12.99

9. Godtagbar Vase, $9.99

10. Snofrid Cushion Cover, $12.99

11. Norraryd Chair, $75

12. Solblekt Basket, $39

13. Nuffra Wall Clock, $12.99


14. Graslok Plant Pot, $19.99


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