These Moth Traps Work Disturbingly Well

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As a self-proclaimed cashmere addict, there is nothing I hate more than moths. So when little holes started appearing in all my favorite sweaters, I was instantly on the case.


Instead of purchasing clothing moth traps, I accidentally ordered a six-pack of pantry moth traps from Amazon. (For reference, clothing moths make holes in fabric, while pantry moths infest flour, pet food, and other pantry goods.) Lucky for me, these traps actually ended up working insanely well on the clothing moths that were tearing up both my sweaters and wool rug.

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They're also super easy to use. Simply place the lure on the sticky trap and moths will be drawn to the surface within minutes. I opted to place one trap in my closet and one under my couch (clothing moths are drawn to dark spaces). It was genuinely disturbing how many moths were inhabiting my home — I'm currently quivering just thinking about the insect-covered traps.


Moral of the story: These moth traps are ridiculously effective. And if they worked this well on my clothing moth infestation, I can only imagine how well they would work on actual pantry moths.



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