This Plant Hack Will Make Your Pothos Thrive

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Pothos is a beginner-friendly plant that's quite easy to maintain, but sometimes, the plants need a little coaxing to reach their full potential. If you're looking to have your pothos grow large, lush leaves, TikToker Adina of Plant with Adina (@plantwithadina) has a hot tip for you.


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In a video, Adina says you need to ensure your pothos is snug in its pot. They explain that in a small pot, a pothos can direct its energy toward growing leaves rather than growing an extensive root system.


Yes, this means you may need to repot your plant into a smaller pot! While you want your pothos to be snug, you want to give it some breathing room for growth — ideally, no more than an inch in any direction.


Adina goes one step further to take their pothos to new heights, literally! They use a moss pole so the plant can grow vertically rather than trail over the edge of the pot. After inserting the pole into the soil, Adina then uses gardening clips to attach the pothos.

Commenters were quick to point out that the wood spike at the bottom of the moss pole would eventually rot with all the moisture from watering the pothos. To avoid that problem, you can look for moss poles with plastic spikes, or you can coat a wood spike with a sealant.

Of course, the moss pole is totally optional — you can still have a very full and leafy hanging pothos!



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