The Best Places to Buy Indoor Plant Accessories

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Today, more and more people are taking notes from biophilic design and bringing nature into their interiors.You can do this with nature-inspired color palettes and decor or incorporating materials made of wood and stone, or you can go with our preferred method for inviting the outdoors in with indoor plants.


The Best Accessories for Indoor Plants

Whether you buy one new plant or several (we're all for the latter), there are certain plant accessories you'll need to have on hand to keep your greenery alive and well for years to come. According to Puneet Sabharwal, Horti CEO and co-founder and author of Happy Plant: A Beginner's Guide to Cultivating Healthy Plant Care Habits, there are five essentials to keep in mind.


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Pots With Drainage

Using pots with proper drainage should be a top priority, especially for new plant owners. "Excess water often gets clogged at the bottom of pots with no drainage and it can cause the plant roots to rot," Sabharwal explains. "With drainage holes, you should water your plants generously each time until a little trickles out of the bottom — that's how you know you've done a good job."


Watering Can

If you want to keep your plants alive, a good watering can is also a must. "This is probably the one accessory you'll use the most," Sabharwal tells Hunker. "There are plenty of options in the market, and you should choose based on how many plants you have so you can avoid making frequent trips to the tap."



Misters are a great option for plant owners who tend to overwater or certain plants that might need for hydration than others, including ferns and calatheas. "A mister is also a useful accessory when you repot your plants, and want to settle the topsoil," Sabharwal adds.


Plant Hangers and Hanging Planters

In addition to plant stands, plant hangers and hanging planters are a great option for growing plant collections and minimal space. According to Sabharwal, they're great tools for putting your plants on display vertically.

Plant Sticks

Some plants can also benefit from plant sticks. "Sticks are perfect for loopy plants that need a little support to stay up, or if you want to train a vining plant to climb," Sabharwal says.


The Best Places to Buy Indoor Plant Accessories

From aesthetic pieces like planters, pots, plant stands, and boxes, to functional items like misters and watering cans, these are the best places to find indoor plant accessories.


1. Horti

Horti is an online plant shop that offers live plants, subscriptions, and accessories. On top of selling pruners, propagation stations, and misters, the brand also has plant insurance where you can chat with experts about everything from daily plant care to reviving a plant.


Our pick:Horti Plant Sticks, $32

In addition to contemporary pots and stands, The Sill specializes in a wide range of accessories and essentials that you'll need for your indoor plants, including watering cans, soil, and more.


Our pick:The Sill 3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter, $15

If you're looking for a specific size planter, check out Terrain's selection. The planter category is arranged by size, shape, and material for any all your needs. Additionally, you can find everything from grow lights to fertilizer to keep your indoor garden as green as ever.



Our pick:Terrain Grow Light Pendant, $148

Leave it to Anthro to have gorgeous accessories that any plant parent can enjoy. Score finds like design-forward plant pots, unique terrarium vessels, and vintage-style glass plant misters.


Our pick:Anthropologie Nadya Ribbed Watering Can, $32


IKEA isn't only stocked with minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired furniture — the affordable retailer has live plants, faux greenery, and a bunch of plant accessories to go around. Whether you want a simple ceramic planter for your houseplant or a greenhouse for your succulents, IKEA has you covered.

Our pick:IKEA Socker Greenhouse, $21.99

6. Amazon

Amazon has pretty much any plant accessory you can think of, including humidifiers, planters, plant stands, fertilizer, and more.


Our pick:Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $48.72

Stock up on all things home renovation and plants, whether it's for your indoor collection or your outdoor herb garden. Along with flower pots, plant food, potting soil, and plant hangers, you can also get grow lights to help your favorite plants thrive, no matter the season or how much natural light your space gets.

Our pick:Feit Electric Indoor and Greenhouse Full Spectrum Plant Grow LED Light Bulb, $9.97

Not only can plant lovers buy indoor and outdoor plants at Bloomscape, but you can also get everything you need to take care of them, including beginner-friendly repotting kits, potting soil, pest control sets, and more.

Our pick:Bloomscape Essential Plant Repotting Set, $165 $130

Urban Outfitters has an endless amount of fun home decor, including houseplant accessories to help you flex your green thumb. Whether you want a stylish rattan plant stand, playful self-watering tool, or a boho macrame plant hanger, you'll have plenty to choose from at Urban.


Our pick:Urban Outfitters Plant Watering IV Bag, $15

West Elm isn't only for midcentury modern-style furniture and decor — there are a surprising amount of plant accessories there, too, like chic plant stands, indoor gardens, and more.

Our pick:West Elm x Plant Kween Terracotta Hanging Planter, $49

11. CB2

Call us partial, but we think that CB2 has some of the coolest indoor planters around, all featuring modern shapes and hues. If you're looking for a brass floor planter, marbleized option, or something that toes the line between basket and planter, you're in luck.

Our pick:CB2 Lazo Stainless Steel Elevated Indoor/Outdoor Planters, $249-$349



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