Indoor Plant Ideas: Decor & Accessories

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Today, more and more homeowners want to bring nature into their interiors. You can do this with nature-inspired color palettes or materials made of wood and stone, or you can go with our preferred method for inviting the outdoors in — and that's with indoor plants.


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You may have plenty of indoor plant ideas. Maybe you're picturing a fiddle-leaf fig in the corner of your living room or a few succulents tucked among decorative items on a bookshelf. But have you thought about the accessories that your plants will need?

From aesthetic pieces like planters, pots, plant stands, and boxes, to functional items like misters and watering cans, these are the accessories that you'll need for your houseplants.

Accessorize Your Plants

Sure, plants are pretty darn gorgeous on their own, but you can transform them into decorative works of art with the right accessories.

When it comes to indoor plants, you have more planters and pots to choose from than ever before. Although it's fun to talk about the decorative elements of planters, let's start with the practical stuff.

Consider the type of plant you've purchased and think about its size. If you've bought a small plant that will one day be much bigger, put it in a pot that will give it breathing room and space to grow. Will the plant eventually have ivy-like strands that will hang down? In this case, plan to plant it in a pot that can fit comfortably on a shelf, cabinet, or bookcase. Also, be sure to buy a pot that has a hole in the bottom for drainage, and since it'll be indoors, don't forget to place a tray underneath it.

Now, let's talk visuals. First, consider the type of decor you have in your home — a planter or pot should mimic your overall style. For example, a bohemian space could use a planter or two with a boho motif — think terra cotta or vintage. Or, in the case of a midcentury modern room, an option featuring geometric shapes and bright colors could look right at home.


To really customize things, you can always challenge yourself to a DIY creation. You can make a concrete planter that's perfect for succulents, a side table that doubles as a planter, or transform an IKEA bamboo box into a box-style planter.

Plant stands and boxes are on-trend, and we love that they come in materials like rattan and cane. And since they usually have a base, these are ideal in situations where you have pets (so you can place toxic plants higher up, out of reach) or if you simply want something that's a bit different from a typical planter.

Your plants are going to get thirsty, so you'll need to keep a mister or watering can on hand to give them a drink. Certain plants don't require a big gulp, so a mister is a perfect choice in this instance. Zebra plants, orchids, palms, philodendrons, and pilea plants particularly enjoy misting. Also, the options nowadays happen to look pretty cute, so you can always leave yours out on display and treat it as part of the decor.

Where to Shop for Indoor Plant Decor and Accessories

As we said, there are some adorable and stylish options out there for every indoor plant idea that pops into your mind. Thanks to these retailers, you can rest assured that your green thumb decor and accessory needs will be covered.


Call us partial, but we think that CB2 has some of the coolest indoor planters around, all featuring modern shapes and hues. If you're looking for a brass floor planter, a marbleized option, or something that toes the line between basket and planter, you're in luck.


The Sill

In addition to contemporary pots and stands, The Sill specializes in a wide range of accessories and essentials that you'll need for your indoor plants. You'll find grow lights, watering cans, misters, and more.


If you're looking for a specific size planter, Terrain has you covered. Their Planter category is arranged by size, from extra-small to extra extra-large. Plus, we love that several of the pots are footed and showcase unique textures and hues.


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