The Decor and Accessories Every Plant Owner Needs

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Welcome to Plant Week: Our guide to all things indoor plants, including tips for beginners, advice on care, and tons of plant-spo.

Still loving our plant content? From a beginner's guide to miraculous $15 plant food finds, we've been bringing the plant-filled heat all week long — and we're not done yet.


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In fact, in our humble opinion, we're just getting started. Day four is all about plant accessories. That is to say, once you have the plant (or plants) of your dreams, we're breaking down everything you need to keep it alive and healthy, plus everything else you need to scratch your ever-growing plant addiction itch.

From planters with drainage to fun plant fiend-friendly finds, here is everything you need to accompany your loving greenery.

Our Resident Plant Expert Shares Her Top Amazon Plant Picks

When looking for the best plant accessories to get on Amazon, we went straight to the guru herself: our resident Plant Expert, Teo Spengler. Here are her picks: Seven plant accessories and tools that all plant parents need.

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Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Plant Decor and Accessories

Have you thought about the accessories that your plants will need — like really thought about it? From aesthetic pieces like planters, pots, plant stands, and boxes, to functional items like misters and watering cans, these are the accessories that you'll need for your houseplants.

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Green Thumbs Up: The Best Places to Shop for Indoor Planters

What better way to show off that new impossible-to-kill cactus you just bought than investing in a beautiful pot in which the plant can prosper and grow? Here, the best places to shop for indoor planters to show off your green thumb.


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This Leather-Wrapped Planter Tutorial Is Our New Fave

Bring a luxe look to your plants with a leather-wrapped planter. It's easy to make and adds a touch of artisanal appeal to your space. We promise your houseplants will look infinitely cooler and Insta-worthy when paired with this beauty.

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Over Winter? Here Are 10 Planters Under $50 to Get You Springtime-Ready

Need a little budget-friendly inspo for your next plant haul? Check out these 10 planters to get you ready for spring.

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10 Presents Perfect for Plant People, According to Plantfluencer Hilton Carter

Plants are a somewhat obvious choice for a holiday gift — we even wrote about our favorite plants to gift — but sometimes you just want to get a good plant-accompaniment gift. Which is why we went straight to the pro: Hilton Carter, plant expert and author of Wild at Home: How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants, for his go-to gift ideas for plant lovers.

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