35 Great Gardening Gift Ideas for Anyone With a Green Thumb

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While the holidays might bring chilly weather, you know that spring is right around the corner — a gardener's favorite time of year. This is the perfect time to start checking things off your favorite plant parent's wish list so they have everything they need to prune, plant, and pot when the weather starts to warm up.


For the experienced gardener who seems to have everything they might need, we got creative — searching for those unique gardening pieces their practical green thumb may not always see as an absolute necessity but that they'll be thrilled someone gifted them. And, for gardening newbies who are looking for a new hobby in the new year, we've collected some of our favorite beginner staples.

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From chic watering cans and toolsets to plant-inspired home goods and apparel, gardening fanatics will really dig these gifts.


Inspired by confetti poppers, these vibrant tubes are filled with paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Each set includes seeds from black-eyed Susans, cockscomb, and sesame flowers. These compressed air cannons are the perfect stocking stuffer for a blooming garden enthusiast who can celebrate spring confetti soon to become flowers.


This modern watering can is stylish ​and​ functional. Thanks to its handle-free design and slender spout, pouring water directly to the roots of plants is made easier and mess-free. And thanks for the modern design and pastel hue, this waterer can be left out as decor even on days when not being put to use.


Durable yet chic, these leather and blue-striped cotton gardening gloves are ideal for repotting and weeding in your garden. Plus, the velcro wrist makes them easily adjustable for an ultra-comfortable fit.



This bird feeder adds to your patio's natural aesthetic while keeping birds away from your garden. Whether you hang it on your porch or at your kitchen window, this minimal birdhouse offers the perfect home to nesting birds, while blending in organically with nature.


For your favorite gardener who had a harvest so large the last year it surprises even them, there is the Barebones Gathering Bag. Made of weather- and water-resistant waxed canvas, this bag features convertible straps for comfortable carrying, a watertight removable liner to keep your blooms and cuttings fresh, and a convenient drop-out bottom to empty your harvest. This bag makes the acts of picking, collecting, and transporting simple.


Meant to be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening, these pruners have a stainless steel blade and leather-crafted handle, which makes for a luxurious tool. An additional bonus: They come with a gorgeous leather belt holster when not in use. Use the pruners to trim dead or damaged plants, as well as to remove small branches, and tuck them away once finished using.



Designed with handmade brass nozzles and sturdy recycled rubber, this is not your basic garden hose. It's flexible, resistant to kinks, and available in a range of pretty Pantone shades, like slate, lavender, and ivory (pictured). Splurge on the gardener in your life by getting them the hose that's been built and tested to last beyond one season.


This waterproof slip-on clog is as comfy as it is functional. The grippy bottoms and neoprene-lined inside help support your feet and protect you from the elements. Plus, they're cute enough to sport in public at your local farmers' market.


A waist apron is a gardener's tool belt, helping them store and carry their essential items and occasional garden picks. Tie this apron around your waist to keep all your essentials close at hand. A small patch pocket in the front conceals your keys and phone, while deep pockets and leather loops hold your go-to garden tools.


A no-brainer for orchid enthusiasts, this self-watering orchid pot basically does the work for you. This pot from Eva helps ensure you keep your plant appropriately watered while the separate reservoir keeps roots from rotting due to overexposure to water. Plus, the simple clear pot showcases healthy root growth.

This steel storage tin is great for both beginners and long-time growers, offering a place to organize and store the season's seeds. Collect and store all your seed packets in one place with this handsome powder-coated steel tin, complete with beautiful leather handles for easy transportation. Just like you would never gift an empty wallet, we'd recommend including a seed packet or two.

Whether you've got a shed for your supplies or just a corner of your apartment, The Floral Society's wall hanger is here to help organize your space. Keep your gardening gear neat and tidy with this heavy-duty cotton hanger, which features 23 different-sized compartments to organize everything from gloves to tools to small pots.


The Click and Grow Smart Garden is ideal for urban gardeners and those with limited light. This device uses energy-efficient LED lights to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables (think: cilantro, basil, wild strawberries, and chili peppers) indoors with hardly any effort. This option includes basil plant pods. To grow, simply drop in the pods, fill the water reservoir, and turn on.

For the expert gardener anticipating quite the haul this season, consider a carry-all basket. This wood and metal mesh basket comes in handy when snipping flowers, visiting the farmers' market, transporting tools, and harvesting produce from the garden.

Boasting over 2,000 five-star reviews, this wide-brimmed hat is rated UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun during long afternoons piddling around your yard. The strap allows you to adjust the hat to your size, while the band keeps it secure to your head. This ensures that no matter how low you have to bend for that fresh strawberry, the hat stays in place.

For warmer climates, or if the gardener in your life is known to run warm, we recommend this fishing hat. Similar to the option above, this hat boasts UFP 50+ UV protection, but it also offers ventilation and has sweat-wicking capabilities. And, at only $11.99, they don't have to worry about getting it ​too​ dirty while working out in the yard.

For gardeners whose favorite hobby can sometimes be put on pause due to body aches, there are few gifts better than this tool seat from Uncommon Goods. Combining the features of a tool bag ​and​ folding chair, this seat lets you keep your tools close by and take the pressure off your knees while pulling weeds and working in your garden.

This stunning, hand-crafted copper feeder is a great way to invite birds into your green space while adding a hit of style to any outdoor area. This feeder includes a lipped feeding tray with drainage holes. It's a stylish way to keep birds in view (for the dedicated bird watchers) while keeping them away from your garden.

Stay cool with this breathable, cotton bandana from Madewell. The fabric is made from "certified organic cotton that is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides from untreated, non-genetically modified seeds," so your gardener can feel sustainable about their apparel and food choices. They can knot it on top of their head to keep hair and sweat out of their face or tie it around their neck to protect their skin from the sun.

This small mister from Urban Outfitters is perfect for misting small plants that don't require too much water (like orchids, succulents, and air plants). Bonus: the design of this water vessel is pretty enough to leave out on a shelf in your home when not in use. Reviewers compliment its beauty as much as they do its misting capabilities.

The ultimate gift for green thumbs looking to up their tool kit, this two-piece toolset includes a hand trowel and weeding fork to help with general garden chores. The sleek ash hardwood handles and stainless steel make it a must-have for any gardener.

In partnership with WILDER, Free People created the perfect small gift for sustainably-minded gardeners. Each pouch is made of a vintage, recycled bandana, and includes non-GMO seedlings. This is ideal for those just getting into gardening, acting as the perfect (and incredibly cute) entry point.

One of the harder aspects of gardening indoors is creating a hospitable home for your growing plant. For the friend whose apartment doubles as a conservatory, gift The Sill's Houseplant Repotting Kit. This kit includes a new pot for plants that have grown in size, potting mix, lava rocks, and a small, 4-inch plant to place in the now empty small pot.

For rainy spring days when the garden still needs tending, gardeners opt for Hunter Tall Rain Boots. The 16-inches of boot cover your shins and calves while working in thorny and wet conditions, helping you avoid pricks and muddying up pants. With over 2,000 reviews, these boots have nearly five stars.

To maintain an indoor garden, a grow light is recommended to make up for the lack of direct sunlight. This light from Bright Labs is perfect for small spaces, attaching to flat surfaces, and includes 3000K color spectrum LED chips to give plants the illusion of sunlight. The three arms are adjustable, so each can cater to a different plant, and the light can be put on an automatic timer.

For seasoned gardeners, consider this soil meter from Sage & Sill. It reads soil moisture, light exposure, and soil PH, which can help avid gardeners determine what to plant where. Additionally, it takes the guesswork out of watering, giving you an accurate look at how wet or dry the soil is.

If you're wanting to gift a starting kit, look no further than this planting set from Target. While it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing gift on this list, it's incredibly useful. The set includes the basics for planting, like a pruner, transplanter, and cultivator. The knee pad is a welcome addition!

This book, which can be displayed on coffee tables or poured over and sticky-noted in the office, offers both inspiration and advice for gardeners, no matter their level. ​The Kinfolk Garden​ looks at how people can interact with nature, taking readers around the world, from incredibly curated outdoor spaces to lush city apartments where owners have mastered the art of indoor growing.

For modern homeowners, gift The Sill's planter and grow light. The sleek design fits perfectly into even the most updated home and, despite including a grow light (not glamorous in theory), remains stylish, never veering into the realm of looking too practical despite being so. Choose from three colors, including the statement mustard pictured above.

To elevate their patio and gardening, there's this mini greenhouse from Target. This product is easy to assemble, made of UV-protected wood (meaning it's been crafted to last), and features three shelves ideal for small plants. While this is a great product for nearly any gardener, it's ideal for novices, as the greenhouse technology can help to ensure a good first grow.

Modern Sprout created a thoughtful gift that everyone from a first-timer to an expert gardener can enjoy. Their Take Care Gift Set includes one plant growing kit — which comes with a pot, seeds, plant food, and potting soil — as well as a self-care bonus. Each set comes with either a candle, diffuser, or essential oil roller, for the ultimate destress moment.

Turn the year's harvest into delectable jams with this 35-piece canning kit. The kit includes everything you'll need for the jam-making process -- all your gardener will need to supply is that season's fruit and vegetables. This kit allows them to turn what they grew and collected into something meant to last beyond the week of harvest.

No longer do herb gardens have to be the eyesore of the kitchen, blooming out of whatever stray container is around, and no longer do you need a green thumb to grow something delicious. This stylish herb jar sits perfectly on your mantle or shelf and self-waters through a passive hydroponic system. Without much work, you'll be able to elevate dinner with fresh herbs.

Please the gardener who still likes to express their style even when out in the yard with these maximalist overalls from Duluth. The vegetable pattern is eye-catching and vibrant, able to be worn from the garden to farmers market without feeling like you're in work clothes (though the UPF protection and dirt-resistant technology do make them especially practical). For a more minimalist approach, they also offer a grey, green, and wine red.

After meticulously growing and caring for their plants, your gardener deserves someplace beautiful to showcase them. This rattan plant stand from Urban Outfitters perfectly compliments a boho interior design style, and the scattered plant stands allow for beautiful layers of green foliage.



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