Everything You Need to Get Ready for the 2022 Holiday Season

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Break out the holiday decorations and get your shopping lists ready. The holidays are right around the corner and, to help you navigate one of the busiest times of the year, we're compiling all of our holiday decor ideas, prep guidance, and gift guides into one convenient page. So whether you need help finding the best faux Christmas trees and the perfect present for the foodie in your life or you simply want to set up a Pinterest-worthy Scandinavian holiday tablescape, we've got you covered.


And as we progress through the holiday season, we'll have this page updated regularly with all of our fantastic gift guides and holiday decor ideas, so be sure to check back for even more updates.

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Holiday Decor and House Prep

If you're as hyped for the holidays as we are, there's no better way to celebrate than with an advent calendar. Whether you want a pre-packaged calendar or a refillable option to reuse every year, we rounded up a list of 44 of our favorite advent calendars.

For those who celebrate Christmas, there's nothing quite like having a Christmas tree up in your living room. Of course, the joy of a real Christmas tree also brings along the pains of them too: fallen needles, dried-out branches, and any bugs that may have been there since it was outdoors. Luckily, faux Christmas trees have become so realistic and life-like, they can capture all of the magic of the holiday with none of the stress and mess. Here are the best ones you can buy online.


If you're in the market for festive home decor, make sure H&M gets a spot on your shopping list. We've rounded up 12 of our favorite pieces, spanning from bedding to tree decorations to tabletop essentials. Prepare to deck the halls of your home with the best holiday decor at H&M.



Christmas village sets are a great way to add seasonal decor to your home during the holiday season. Whether you're looking for village pieces or unique additions to your current collection, here's a list of some of our favorite Christmas village sets.


This season, we've seen decor made with sequins, brass, and even raw crystal. From crocheted designs to textured fabric, check out this roundup of the best modern Christmas ornaments for 2022.


Thanks to their upright shape and structured base, Christmas tree collars easily cover up unsightly tree stands and require less maintenance than a skirt. They hold their shape all season long, and, if you opt for something with metal, they're also easy to clean. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas tree collars.



Are you looking for something unique to add to your Christmas tree instead of traditional tinsel and popcorn? Here's a list of 18 Christmas ornaments that are affordable, beautiful, and very easy to incorporate into your tree.


There are so many ways to embrace holiday style, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't hold a particularly soft spot for midcentury modern Christmas tree ideas. There's just something about the retro colors and patterns that feels uniquely nostalgic and perfect for this time of year. Here are seven ideas to recreate the look at home.


From placing a festive wreath on your front door to lighting up your walkway with snowflakes, decorating your home can be one of the most fun holiday activities. This year we've browsed through many different kinds of decorations, including classic garlands, fairy lights, and LED projectors. Each one, however, can bring all the holiday cheer right to your doorstep. Whether you're looking for minimal designs or adornments that make a bold statement, here are 15 of the best pieces of outdoor holiday decor for you to check out.



If this year you're looking for a unique way to celebrate the holiday season, we found 13 Christmas tree alternatives that can add instant cheer to any home.

For those who like going above and beyond, turning their home into a winter wonderland, Christmas decor is one of the highlights of the holiday season, from wreaths to garlands to the perfect gingerbread-scented candles and everything in between. And when it comes to the Christmas tree, the decorations don't stop at the branches — the skirt is an essential part of the holiday setup.

From colorful string lights to textured pillows, holiday decor can instantly make your home feel all the joy and cheer of the season. And if you're looking to shop for new decorations this year, we've found plenty of options at Target to set the merry mood for you and your guests. Plus, they're all $25 and under.


When you're hanging out with your family for days on end, it's a given that you reach a point when there's a lull in the conversation ... or there's a bit ‌‌too‌‌ much conversation, if you get what we're saying. Take a break and have a laugh with the fam with one of these fun and unexpected games. Some are even so cute and pretty, you'll want to keep them on a coffee table all year round.

Hanukkah Decor and Inspiration

Menorahs aren't always exactly known for their elevated aesthetic. However, this year we found great menorahs that feel both of the moment and intentional in their design. Here are a few of 2022's standouts — and check out the full list here.

It's time to get ready for the Festival of Lights the only way we know how — in style. Say goodbye to cheesy Hanukkah decor, boring menorahs, and overdone gifts. From blue and white patchwork pillows to handmade modern menorahs, we present you with our ultimate guide to shopping for the best time of the year.

Gift Ideas

Curious about what gifts will be big this year? Read here to find out the full list.

Each year, Amazon comes out with its highly anticipated "Toys We Love" list, and the 2022 lineup has just been revealed. After 365 days of research, testing, and endless debate, the online retailer's toys team has finally narrowed it down to 2022's must-have holiday gifts for all the toy lovers in your life.

Is there anything easier than holiday shopping on Amazon? We think not. And buying your gifts from this all-in-one retailer doesn't mean sacrificing style or uniqueness. We rounded up 30 of the most special presents across all price points, starting as low as $15. From high-design favorites to TikTok-viral gadgets, there's bound to be the perfect item for everyone on your list.

If you're on the hunt for one-of-a-kind gifts, Etsy is a must this holiday season. Whether you're shopping for pet parents, hosts, or antiquers, there's no better place to find unique and handmade goods. From embroidered tea towels to handmade mugs, we rounded up 30 of the best Etsy gifts.

Each gifting season, we find ourselves on the hunt for the next best thing ... the season's hottest electronics, freshest decor, and most innovative home gadgets, but there is also something quite nice about sticking to the classics. And the classics certainly don't have to be boring. Whether it's a high-design take on a household essential or a viral model of the most basic necessity, we rounded up our favorite 2022 versions of the 10 most popular gifting categories year after year.

In case you missed the memo, eBay is the unsung hero of holiday retailers. As you likely know, the e-commerce site is the go-to online destination for consumer-to-consumer sales, but it's also an ideal spot to score certified-refurbished electronics, appliances, kitchenware, and so on. The website's subcategory "eBay Refurbished" houses tens of thousands of professionally inspected products organized by quality: certified-refurbished, excellent-refurbished, very-good-refurbished, and good-refurbished.

Sure, a gift card seems like a total last-minute gift, but it can be a great option, especially when you're working against the clock. Whether you're worried about shipping delays or struggling to find the perfect present, a virtual gift is a fail-proof option when you buy the right one. From online crafting and cooking classes to certificates for travel, art, and at-home wine tasting, here are 17 gift cards, memberships, and virtual experiences for people in every corner of your life.

Gifts by Budget

They said we couldn't do it: find gifts under $10 that need nothing additional. But after hours of scouring the interweb for standalone gifts at this price point, we are proud to present you with the 30 best. From practical presents to high-design gifts and everything in between, here are 30 under-$10 gifts for every person in your life.

The best gifts don't have to cost the most money. Whether you're looking for a crowd-pleasing present for your office's annual white elephant exchange or one that family and friends will love that doesn't push you over your budget, there are a number of impressive, low-priced items to gift this holiday season. From kitchen must-haves to the most epic board games, we found the 40 best gifts under $25 for everyone (and every party) in your life.

It's no secret that our bank accounts take a hit during the holiday season. Between gift exchanges at work and with loved ones, we end up hitting the "add to cart" button more than a few times during December. So, if you're looking for a gift that's thoughtful and low to mid priced — perfect for everyone from roommates to relatives — we've rounded up the 124 best gifts under $50. With everything from coffee table must-haves to the trendiest kitchen accessories, these gifts will add a special touch to anyone's home.

There is, inevitably, always that special person in your life you cannot wait to splurge on, but by the time the holidays roll around, you aren't quite sure what to buy. They bought for themselves your initial idea and the second one sold out before you could grab it. So, rather than aimlessly searching for the perfect gift this holiday season, let us do the heavy lifting. We rounded up 33 of the best home and lifestyle gifts under $100 for everyone in your life, from the home chef to the person looking to take their sleep to the next level.

Some people are worth a splurge. If you're looking to spoil a loved one this holiday season, look no further. We've rounded up the best 32 gifts under $200 that you can get online today. Whether you're shopping for your favorite cook, a friend who loves to host, or the person who inexplicably seems to already have ‌‌everything‌‌, these picks are sure to make even the pickiest loved one happy. Make memories this holiday season with these 32 must-have gifts.

Gifts by Interest

Whether you're shopping for a long-time baker or a total novice, anyone with a passion for baking will appreciate new essentials to add to their toolkit. From bread ovens to recipe books, there are all sorts of options to take their baking to the next level, and we've rounded up the best of the best.

Anyone who loves candles can attest to the power of fragrance. It can transport you back to specific memories and fill your space with calming scents, which is why candles, diffusers, and the like are perfect gifts for the holidays. Whether you're shopping for candles from small businesses or looking for a Christmas-tree-ready gift set, we've got you covered.

Whether you're shopping for a total newbie or a gardening connoisseur, we've rounded up all sorts of picks that will satisfy even the most plant-obsessed. From indoor growers to stylish self-watering plants, these are the 30 best plant gifts you can buy.

If you're shopping for someone who just loves accessories and knick-knacks, we found genius stocking stuffers, aprons and linens, meal prep lifesavers, and cookbooks for all that are guaranteed to provide a little kitchen pick-me-up.

For the person who loves to curate the best food, a stunning setup, and most importantly, the perfect company, check out the top gifts for hosts.

Find the perfect cozy coastal grandmother gifts curated by the trend creator Lex Nicoleta.

We've been tracking the top TikTok trends, and it turns out a lot of them happen to make great gifts. For people who love a good cleaning hack to home enthusiasts who want the latest and greatest (and trendiest) decor finds, here are the best gifts made famous by TikTok.

Between holiday travel and future trips, we've rounded up our top picks that are practical and will get you excited for your next vacation. From unique virtual experiences to stylish packing gear, here are the best travel gift ideas to treat the frequent flier in your life.

With large family gatherings and the stress of getting all your shopping finished on time, the holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a gift that'll help you reset and relax. From adaptogenic mushroom chocolate to contemporary face rollers, we rounded up the 30 best wellness gifts you can buy.

We all have those people in our life who own stylish versions of even the most practical and everyday items. For those effortlessly cool, design-forward pals, here is your ultimate shopping guide. From colorful carafes to the most adorable sponge you've ever seen (yes, you heard that right), we present you with our hypercurated master list for your favorite design enthusiast.

Question: What's better than a perfect gift? Answer: A perfect gift you receive over and over again. So, it's no surprise that subscription-based presents are hotter than ever this year. Whether you're gifting to a coffee addict, smoothie fiend, cleaning fanatic, green thumb, or anyone in between, here are 25 subscription boxes that will make you the winner of the holiday season.

We fully support a practical holiday gift, especially when it also happens to be stylish. From cable organizers and cute compost bins to space-saving hangers and high-design kitchen cleansers, these 25 highly useful gifts for neat freaks and wannabe organizers are guaranteed to spark some joy.

Gifts by Person

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Dads are notoriously tough to shop for. But we can't be the only ones who find year after year that the broad category buckets for dad gifts are somewhat ... uninspired. Sure, maybe the clichés are clichés for a reason, but dads are people too! So, doing our best to avoid the well-worn platitudes (daditudes?) of holiday giving, we've rounded up several suitable options for ticking off the toughest giftee on your holiday shopping list. Read on to see some of our favorite picks for real-life, three-dimensional dads.

Sure, you have a lot of people you need to shop for this holiday season — but let's be honest. The most important recipient on your list isn't a human at all. For many of us, our pets are our little partners in crime, and there's really never a bad time to go over the top when treating them to a present. From stylish beds to adorable plush toys, here are 35 of the best dog gifts to treat your furry companion.

Our cats are our children, so they certainly deserve a little something-something under the tree. And let's face it: Even though they've been a little (or a lot) naughty, we can cut them some slack. From purr-ty home accessories to paw-some toys, your kitten will be the most fur-tunate pet around. Pardon our claw-ful puns.

Some people are so darn easy to buy for. You could think of hundreds of gifts that simply scream their name. Now think of the exact opposite — your stylish aunt whose closet is bigger than your bedroom or the boss who feels nearly impossible to shop for. This is for them. From interactive treasure hunts to monogrammed packing cubes, here are 30 gifts for the person who has everything.