The Best Face Rollers on Amazon

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Face rollers have been trending for quite a while now, and their popularity doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This easy-to-use tool smooths and brightens the skin by reducing puffiness (lymphatic drainage) and circulating the blood throughout your face. It is also quite the meditative process, with relaxation at the forefront of its benefits.


There are tons of rollers on the market. They're made of different materials at different price points, all with varying key results. We've done the research and narrowed it down to the best in every category. They are also all very affordable. Keep reading for the full breakdown.

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Best Overall

Ice rolling does so much more than just refresh and cool your skin. Pop it in the freezer and prepare for immediately noticeable results. Alleviate fatigue, reduce redness, shrink pores, and prevent wrinkles with this easy, affordable solution. It's an absolute blogger favorite.

Best Combo Pack

It's hard not to be a sucker for a combo pack. In addition to the standard jade roller, enjoy a textured option as well as a Gua Sha (ancient Chinese technique) facial tool. If you're looking for a little extra boost, use the ridged roller to better stimulate your facial skin and promote even more circulation. The Gua Sha tool is a natural alternative to better overall health, addressing issues such as chronic pain.


Best Electric Roller

Have you heard of an electric face roller before? The rapid vibrations allow any serums to penetrate into even deeper layers of skin. Plus — this package includes an under-eye press, which further reduces dark circles. It also looks pretty.

Best Budget Buy

While none of the rollers on this list are incredibly expensive, this one is still a stand out. And if you love pink, here's your dream color combo: Rose quartz with rose gold. Smooth your skin in style.



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