Everyone Needs to Score One of These Silk Sleep Masks From Amazon

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Prepare to live the luxe life when you treat yourself to a silk eye mask and instantly improve your sleep by shutting out any and all surrounding light. Someone has to say it: Cotton eye masks just aren't going to cut it anymore. Aside from silk's lavish look and feel, this material better prevents fine lines and wrinkles that can be caused by friction with your pillowcase. Silk is also a naturally cooling fiber that easily circulates air — especially crucial for people with dry or sensitive eyes. And bonus: Since silk is less absorbent than cotton, it soaks up a whole lot less of your expensive skincare products. These masks make the most perfect gift for anyone — including yourself, obviously — and are the ideal combination of practical and luxurious. Below, our five favorite silk sleep masks to score on Amazon.


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Prettiest Pattern

Love Van Gogh's ​Starry Night​ or Hokusai's ​Great Wave of Kanagawa​? Want a mask that cheekily says "leave me alone" or "cat naps" across the fabric in elevated embroidery? Alaska Bear's organic silk, fully adjustable, completely blackout masks are calling your name. Plus, they ring up at a surprisingly low price.


Best Budget Buy

We have to be honest — a 100% silk eye mask at this price was a shocking discovery. But we certainly aren't complaining. Treat yourself or a loved one to some much-deserved beauty sleep when you choose this lightweight, breathable, and mega-affordable mask.


Best Splurge

Slip products are pure luxury. Between the shiny silk, high-end packaging, and assortment of colors and patterns, you're really getting the best of the best. We love the simple black mask, but the punchy patterns and signature embroidery may take the win, so be sure to check out all the adorable designs.


Best Blackout Eye Cover

Super sensitive to light? This silk mask blocks out every last bit. Aside from the thicker fabric and greater width around the entirety of the mask, there's an adjustable velcro strap to properly fit everyone. Plus, the portable satin bag is the ideal way to travel in style and comfort.

Best Bundle

The perfect gift exists and it's this silk sleep set. Protect both your eyes and hair from creases all night long. If you're not feeling the scrunchie, you can choose to buy the mask alone or bundle it with a silk pillowcase instead.