The Best Ice Rollers on Amazon to Up Your Self-Care Game

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With a multitude of beauty and wellness benefits, ice rollers are an easy addition to anyone's morning or evening routine. You simply refrigerate or freeze the tool, roll it along either your face or body, and experience both immediate and long-term results. Here's a quick rundown of what makes these rollers so life-changing: They smooth, firm, and lift skin; promote blood circulation; shrink pores; remove wrinkles; and reduce redness and puffiness.


Not sold yet? Don't worry, there's more. Cryotherapy — also known as cold therapy — has medical benefits, like relieving migraines and muscle aches, plus it calms and relaxes your body. With this endless list of perks in mind, we present you with the five best ice rollers, all available on Amazon.

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Best Splurge

If you're looking for a professional-grade tool, then this roller is certainly for you. The two stainless steel heads work double duty for the face and under the eyes, chilling the skin to a perfect 45 degrees Fahrenheit — a temperature known to increase circulation and collagen production as well as flush out toxins.

Best Overall

This absolute fan favorite checks all the boxes. It's well made, very affordable, and a versatile size and material for all skin types and areas. It's no wonder over 1 million Esarora rollers have already been sold. The brand recommends cleaning the treatment area and applying cream or gel on the skin while you wait for the roller head to quickly cool in the freezer.


Best Eye Roller

This set of stainless steel rollers includes two head sizes to target all the right spots. The small one is specifically made for the eye socket to eliminate eye bags, relieve eye fatigue, and combat dark circles. It can also be used on other facial areas that the larger roller can't reach.


Most Versatile

Can't decide which style you'd prefer? It's all good — get both! Each ice roller in this two-pack has a different purpose. Use the larger one, filled with water and beads, for sore necks and overworked muscles as well as on the face for a refreshing, complexion-improving, headache-reducing experience. Go with the smaller stainless steel roller to prevent wrinkles, shrink pores, and calm the skin on your face and around your eyes.


Best for Full Body Use

This tool is thoughtfully made to soothe sore muscles. If you place it inside the freezer for one to two hours, it will remain cold for up to three. Bonus? It can also be warmed in a bowl of hot water for five to 10 minutes for heat therapy. It will remain hot for up to 20 minutes.



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