Sore From New Year Exercise? These Post-Workout Recovery Essentials Can Help

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If one of your goals for the new year is to work out more, you're not alone. According to a survey by YouGov, 50% of Americans made the same New Year's resolution. If you've been taking virtual fitness classes or hitting the at-home gym extra hard, chances are you've experienced some muscle soreness, but don't let that stop you from continuing to work up a sweat.


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Whether you're trying a new workout, haven't exercised in a while, or are a complete beginner, there are a few post-workout essentials that can soothe aches and pains. Check out our at-home workout recovery favorites below.

1. Theragun Elite, $399


Use the power of percussion therapy to work deep into your muscles with the Theragun. The workout recovery device was created by Theragun founder and CEO and chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland, and is one of the quieter tools in the Theragun lineup with an easy-to-use, ergonomic grip and five different attachments.


2. Not Pot CBD Bath Soak, $32.99

There's nothing like stepping into a bath after working up a sweat. Add Not Pot's CBD Bath Soak and it's the ultimate post-workout treat. The bath soak combines CBD, peppermint essential oil, Dead Sea salt, and Epsom salt to help soothe achy muscles.


3. Saje Body Movin' Workout Recovery Kit, $32

Saje's mini-workout recovery kit includes a refreshing cool spray mist, relaxing muscle melt body butter, and a pain-relieving essential oil blend. It also comes with a water-resistant drawstring bag.


4. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller, starting at $26.19

Foam rolling can help with relieving muscle soreness and tension, along with improving flexibility. According to the company, the foam roller's textured surface is designed to promote the flow of oxygen and blood to help repair muscles.


5. Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Heating Pad, $34.99

For extra sore muscles, use a cozy heating pad. This option from Pure Enrichment is extra-large, made with soft microfibers, and has six heat settings.


6. Gaiam Restore Cold Therapy Massage Roller, $24.98

If heat isn't soothing your muscles, try Gaiam's cold therapy massage roller. It stays cool for up to 20 minutes and is designed to reduce inflammation and relieve sore muscles.


7. OFFFIELD Enhanced Hydration Pack, $19.99

An easy way to help with post-workout recovery is to prep beforehand. OFFFIELD's drink mix is made with CBD, electrolytes, and adaptogens to keep you hydrated throughout and after your workout. Plus, this pack comes with a Nalgene water bottle.


8. Idson Muscle Roller Stick, $9.89

Is a Theragun or foam roller not in your budget? Try a muscle roller stick, which can help with muscle soreness, pain, and stiffness.


9. Brown Girl Jane Heal Body Butter, $52

Brown Girl Jane's extra-strength CBD body butter is just what you need to relieve muscle soreness and keep your skin hydrated.

10. Moon Pod, $300

Sometimes, all we want to do post-workout is get cozy and relax. If you're looking for a designated chill spot, check out the Moon Pod. The ergonomic, elevated bean bag chair (also dubbed "the anti-anxiety float chair") conforms to your body, making it super comfortable, especially if you have neck or back pain.


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