Miss Corporate A/C? These 10 Desk Accessories Will Keep You Cool All Summer

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Welcome to The Cool Down, Hunker's definitive guide for staying cool, calm, and collected all summer long.

Perhaps the biggest — and only — downside of working from home is the lack of corporate air conditioning. If you're missing the sub-zero climate of your former office space, then we've got you covered. We've searched high and low for the crème de la crème of desk accompaniments that will keep you cool during the hottest of days.


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From a USB desk fan to a ventilated seat cushion to a hydrating facial mist, these accessories will bring your body temperature down when you need it most.

1. Nicelucky Cup Cooler and Mug Warmer, $56.69

Well this is brilliant. Place your cup on the plate and cool your room temperature beverage to ice-cold six times faster than if you were to put it in the fridge. It also keeps your warm drinks warm, although that's not exactly a current problem.


2. Holmes Heritage 4-Inch Mini USB Desk Fan, $12.99

Don't be fooled by the vintage-looking copper; it's powered by a USB and is only 4 inches tall. Easily plug it into your laptop to create a powerful breeze, while the tilt-adjustable head allows you to direct the air exactly where you want it.


3. AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker, $129.99

The perfect desk accessory doesn't exi—. Just kidding. It totally does. This sleek portable machine makes nine ice cubes in six to eight minutes and up to 26.5 pounds per day.


4. Kobayashi Cooling Gel Sheet (16 pack), $14.98

These multipurpose cooling patches alleviate migraines, injuries, and just straight up overheating. No refrigerator required. Simply stick it on your body and experience immediate results.


5. Comfier Car and Office Cooling Cushion, $49.99

Avoid sweating all over your desk chair with this dynamic seat cushion that is engineered to ventilate and manage moisture. Multiple layers of mesh and fabric allow for prime cooling and breathability, while a small-yet-mighty fan at the bottom flows fresh air through the seat. It's a universal fit for ultimate versatility.


6. Havit Slim Portable Laptop Cooling Pad, $29.99

When the weather is already too hot, you shouldn't have to deal with the heat generated by your laptop. This cooling pad eliminates any technological temperature increase with three super quiet fans that won't disrupt your silent work environment. Lightweight and slim, this tool also increases ergonomic comfort as it offers adjustable height settings.


7. Yolidas Portable Neck Fan, $29.99

Here we have just a casual neck fan. It's surprisingly subtle and looks almost like a pair of headphones.


8. Razer Ergonomic Cooling Gel Infused Wrist Rest Pro, $34.99

Pulse points like the wrist feature blood vessels that are closer to the surface of the skin, so cooling down those areas will bring down your body temperature quicker. That's the idea behind this comfortable wrist rest made of cool gel-infused memory foam that keeps the wrists from heating up. It's also ergonomically beneficial.


9. HydroFlask Tumbler, $29.95

Staying hydrated with cold liquids will help you cool your body from the inside out. Beverages remain icy for up to 24 hours in this insulated Hydro Flask tumbler. Hopefully, your workday doesn't last that long, but it's a comfort knowing your drink will.


10. Volition Beauty Screen Time Hydrating Mist, $29

A serious upgrade from the good ol' water splash, this hydrating mist instantly refreshes the face with a single spritz. It's especially suited for your desk because ingredients like marigold extract work to protect the skin from blue light emitted from screens, which may cause photo-aging. The nourishing spray is also clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.


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