9 Items for Under $25 to Upgrade Your In-Home Yoga Routine

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Whether you're a rookie at stretching or a seasoned yoga practitioner, certain items can elevate your in-home yoga routine. Next time you're feeling stuck in an exercise rut, consider shaking up your technique with the help of an affordable yoga-friendly upgrade. From a plant-based mat freshener to stylish tie dye sweat towels and more, here's how to up your yoga game at home without breaking the bank.


A little aromatherapy can go a long way when you're doing yoga at home. Not only will this plant-based spray keep your yoga mats nice and clean, it's infused with notes of lavender that help calm your nerves naturally while you're stretching.

If you're searching for some extra comfort and support while practicing certain poses, look no further than this high-density yoga pad. Designed to cradle knees and protect joints for a pain-free yoga routine, this flower-shaped cushion is every bit as durable as it is design-savvy.

Don't let the good looks of this marbleized yoga block fool you — it's a real workhorse. Composed of super dense foam, this colorful cutie can help improve your performance by providing extra comfort and support along the way.

This handy yoga mat is illustrated with 70 different poses that will make your self-guided yoga sessions a breeze.


If you aren't already hip to yoga stretching straps, then now's the time to smarten up. Designed to provide stability and balance to help you reach optimal alignment, this pretty floral stretching strap can also increase your range of motion (so you can hit deeper poses).

If you struggle with back pain, then you already know yoga can be a big help. However, if you need a little extra back or neck support while practicing certain poses, consider this handmade lavender-infused orthopedic bolster pillow to help ease you into difficult stretches. (It also comes with a coordinating cooling eye mask to improve your post-yoga wind down, too.)

A good yoga wheel can be a game-changer for your stretching routine. Designed to assist you in tricky yoga poses like back bends and headstands, this two-toned yoga wheel cushions your muscles, feet, and back so you can perform tricky poses with ease.

If you tend to end your yoga routine with the lotus pose, consider sitting on a plush meditation cushion for a comfy upgrade. Composed of a 100% cotton cover with supportive buckwheat filling, this crescent-shaped floor pillow is designed to encourage good posture and better circulation, so you can stay focused on the present without any distracting aches and pains.


Like it or not, the more you sweat while practicing yoga, the more likely you are to slip and slide on your mat. These microfiber tie-dye sweat towels will help keep you and your yoga mat cool and dry, and are lightweight enough to throw in your gym bag when you're on-the-go.


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