I Saw This Anti-Anxiety Bean Bag on Instagram and Had to Try it Immediately

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I'll be the first to admit that I'm very susceptible to Instagram ads: The ultra-hydrating lip gloss, the blue light glasses, the never-been-returned armchair — I want it all. Fortunately for my bank account, I usually have enough self-restraint to stop myself from purchasing something straight from Instagram. But, then I saw an ad for Moon Pod.


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As you can see below, the ad itself was rather vague — it didn't even immediately show a photo of the beanbag — and described the Moon Pod as "zero-gravity beanbag" designed to "mimic flotation therapy," touting it as an Elon Musk-esque invention. With that, I was sold.

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The Details

As you can probably gather by now, the Moon Pod is kind of like a bean bag, reimagined. It's filled with responsive high-density beads, which are lighter and more flexible than the styrofoam-like polystyrene material used in traditional bean bags. Although it can be used as just a regular (albeit more fun) seat, this particular chair was engineered to mimic the sensations of Flotation Therapy, a popular practice where you literally float in a tub of water that's been shown to help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and ADHD.


It's also incredibly lightweight — weighing in at only 12 pounds — and can be positioned entirely upright and tall, so it can be moved around and tucked away easily, which is not exactly the case with other bean bags. (There is even a chart on the site so you can compare and contrast different models and brands according to weight, price, and filling.) Plus, thanks to its adaptive flexibility and ergonomically crafted support, it can help alleviate back and neck pain while you lay. All in all, it sounds like a dream — which is why I had to put it to the test.


The Pros

For what it is, the Moon Pod can do no wrong in my eyes. When it arrived, the inner fill of the pod was packaged separately from the "outer shell," so I had to quickly put the cover on. The "outer shell" reminded me of those stretchy textbook covers from my youth, but its purpose seems to be two-fold: 1) When the cover is fitted over the inner fill, it helps the pod to maintain its shape and effectiveness during use; and 2) It can be removed and machine-washed (a real win).


It took a little bit of maneuvering to get the cover on properly — it's definitely a very tight fit — I was ready to rock lay down. At first, I sat up straight on it like a normal chair, which was comfortable, but not amazing, so after a few minutes I rocked back and forth a bit until I was reclined and this is where the magic came in. When I say my back and neck pain went away, I mean it — I felt like I was floating on a cloud. It was so relaxing. From then on, any time I wanted to read or watch TV, I dragged around the Moon Mod like a toddler with her favorite stuffed animal and plopped down on it in a reclining position. I even once placed it on top of a beach towel outside while I caught some rays.


Although I never actually fell asleep on it, I can easily see how someone could — it's incredibly comfortable. Also, I can't speak to whether it helped alleviate major anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and PTSD issues, however, it certainly de-stressed me almost immediately. That cloud-like floating feeling is not an exaggeration and it offered the perfect respite from everyday stress.

When it wasn't in use, I could easily toss it under my bed or in a closet so it could be out-of-sight (but never out-of-my-mind).


The Cons

While there are very few cons honestly, I did notice a few minor things that I wanted to share. First, I don't think it's the most stylish option for someone who enjoys a specific design aesthetic. I had the navy blue Indigo hue, so it was unsuspecting and sleek for sure, but I wouldn't necessarily have wanted to leave it out while it wasn't in use. If you have more of a playroom or TV room you could tuck it away in, I think that could help, but my 2-bedroom apartment doesn't exactly have a ton of extra space for more furniture.


Also, I wished that the "seated" position was a bit more comfortable for everyday use. I think if you had little kids and were constantly playing with toys on the ground, it'd be the perfect option for you — since it's low to the ground and so easy to move around — but, for me, it didn't feel very useful or comfortable. I did recently discover the Cresent attachment (shown above), which acts as an ergonomic backrest for sitting more upright and can be used while working or reading to prop you up a bit, and feel that would definitely help me.


The Verdict

All in all, I loved using the Moon Pod and will definitely keep using it — probably adding the Cresent as soon as I can — while reading and watching TV. In my opinion, this pillow is perfect for anyone who suffers from back or neck pain, a busy parent of young kids who's looking for a comfortable seat (kids would love it, too!), or just anyone looking to feel a brief moment of stress-free relaxation.

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