7 Chic Diffusers to Add to Your Bedroom ASAP

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Beyond providing the simple pleasure of good smells, essential oil diffusers can offer serious sleep benefits. By spreading aromatherapy vapors throughout your bedroom, diffusers help to achieve the mind and body relaxation necessary for quality rest. It's no mystery why certain scents seem to soothe us — the olfactory system that's responsible for your sense of smell is directly connected to the emotion and memory centers of the brain. That means that even the simple act of reusing the same scent in your diffuser each night can signal your mind and body that it's time for bed and help you fall asleep more easily.


From lavender to chamomile to peppermint, there are countless calming aromas that can help you sleep, as well as chic diffusers to emit them. We've gathered seven sleek and stylish diffusers that double as bedside table decor so you can always flaunt your functional device.

Vitruvi Terracotta Stone Diffuser, $119


Minimalist and matte, this porcelain-covered ultrasonic diffuser is a looker. The warm terra cotta color reminds us of the desert, and rounded edges bring a softness to the piece. The Vitruvi allows for two settings, so you can choose a steady, consistent stream of vapor or intermittent bursts.


SpaRoom GemAir White Marble Essential Oil Diffuser, $60

While it's made of glass, this SpaRoom diffuser features a distinct black and white marble pattern. The asymmetrical, geometric shape feels ultramodern and artful. Plus, the device includes a warm white light that can be switched on for a moody ambiance.


Pilgrim Teo Ultrasonic Diffuser, $90

We love the ribbed texture of this droplet-shaped diffuser from Pilgrim. The beech wood base and handmade ceramic top make for a streamlined, color-blocked look. Two mist modes, continuous and intermittent, and two light modes, ambient and meditation, complete the piece.


Serene House Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser, $25

One of our top budget picks is this glossy, light pink number by Serene House. The plastic material accounts for its lower cost, but this diffuser doesn't compromise on style. It's cute, compact, and travel-friendly. We'd bring it with us anywhere.


Saje Aroma Om Lava Edition, $92

Saje makes a handful of beautiful diffusers, but we're partial to this porous one inspired by cooling lava flows. The textured ceramic cover in matte black is a bold and elegant aesthetic choice, while the impressive, waterfall-like mist it creates is a no-brainer.


Urpower 2nd Gen Essential Oil Diffuser, $24.99

If you want to keep your options open, look to this Urpower diffuser that includes seven bright colors to choose from. You can let the device cycle through the rainbow as it mists your room, or you can opt for a single hue at a time. Either way, this is a great budget piece.

Organic Aromas Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser, $99

Rather than use water to create a mist, this nebulizing diffuser uses only pure essential oil and an interior air pump mechanism to atomize the oil into tiny particles that float through the room. The hardwood base and delicate hand-blown glass reservoir look like a sophisticated little lamp.