22 Life-Changing TikTok Products You Can Get on Amazon

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The power of TikTok in 2022 is unmatched. All it takes is one rave review by a creator for a product to immediately sell out. Whether it's a small space hack, a miracle-working cleaning product, or an aesthetically pleasing decor find that is just too cute to pass up, products on TikTok go viral faster than we can keep up with them. Luckily, Amazon is working even faster to keep those items in stock and delivered within days. Here are 22 of the best TikTok-discovered products you can buy on Amazon.


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1. Umbra Magino Acrylic Side Table, $282.99

2. Senah Store 100% Natural Biodegradable Swedish Dishcloths, $15.86


3. GE Profile Opal 2.0, $629


4. Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier, $114.61


5. Odistar Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $16.98


6. Szelam Digital Clock Large Display, $32.98


7. Stardrops The Pink Stuff, $5.97


8. Revolution InstaGLO R180 Touchscreen Toaster, $349


9. Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher, $31.90


10. Fradel Digital Kitchen Food Scale, $50


11. 4T7 Smart Cutting Board Set, $148

12. Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, $123.59

13. PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger, $59.99

14. Mohawk Finishing Products Fill Stick Putty Sticks, $7.20

15. Camco Bamboo Cutting Board Stove Cover, $122.49

16. FR.Tooc Motion Sensor Night Light, $23.99

17. Yueshico Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer, $12.37

18. Suprus Electric Lighter, $13.99

19. Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper, $26.99

20. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $24.99

21. Progressive International Zip Slicer, $20

22. Balmuda The Toaster, $299


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