This Chic TikTok Kitchen Makeover Is Serious Friend Goals

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Today in "friends who can do interior design are the best," we're absolutely in love with a kitchen makeover TikTok user Annika Hinds did for a best friend, Lillie.


Video of the Day

Hinds' TikTok account shows a few videos cataloging her process. And the reveal is totally worth watching.

"She's been out of town and I've had three days to transform her kitchen on a budget," Hinds explains in the final video.


Hinds painted and wallpapered the kitchen, added new pieces, rearranged some existing items, hung curtains, created a bar cart area, and lots more.


We're loving the emerald green backdrop for the gold mirror — not to mention the hanging mugs, vintage lamp, and lush plants. Lillie was, of course, totally floored by the new look.

Judging by the popularity of the makeover, Lillie isn't the only one that's impressed. At the time of writing, the TikTok makeover had almost a million views; previous progress videos showing the behind-the-scenes work have two million views.

Here's to friendship.


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