5 Subscription Boxes so You Never Run Out of Cleaning Supplies Again

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These days, there is a subscription box for everything — and we're not mad about it. While some boxes are filled with unnecessary (but highly appreciated) luxuries, others stock our pantries with basic household necessities, helping us to cross one more thing off the ol' to-do list without actually having to leave the house.


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One such category? Cleaning supplies. These five companies will ship all of your home cleaning essentials right to your front door. Some even let you curate the box yourself each time, so you can test out different products and determine what's best for your home. Most importantly, though, all of the brands let you choose how often you want to receive deliveries, eliminating the possibility of unwanted product crowding your supply closet. Here are five cleaning supplies subscription boxes that simply make life easier.

Grove Collaborative, from $20/box

Every product available on Grove Collective's site meets the company's four-point standard. That means all of the soaps, cleaners, and sanitizers that go into its customizable subscription boxes are healthy, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free. Grove carries its own home essentials line, as well as Mrs. Meyer's, Method, and other like-minded brands, so you have a wide selection as you choose products for your recurring delivery.

Cleancult, from $39/box

Zero-waste packaging and real ingredients are the focus of Cleancult's bundles. Made with a coconut-powered formula, the natural cleaning products come in sleek, reusable, shatter-resistant glass bottles for the first shipment. Refills are then delivered in eco-friendly, milk carton-like containers. The starter kit includes all-purpose cleaner, liquid dish soap, and liquid hand soap.


MightyNest, from $19.99/box

Committed to green living, MightyNest's Refillable Zero Waste Cleaning System has all the necessities for laundry, surface cleaning, and dishwashing. The products in the subscription box come from Chicago-based, planet-friendly company Meliora, which packages plastic-free and compostable whenever possible. Included in the bundle is laundry powder, stain stick, all-purpose spray, a soap bar, a bamboo and sisal dish brush, and a cedarwood soap dish.

The Honest Company, from $27.84/box

Jessica Alba's wellness brand, The Honest Company, offers a straightforward subscription kit of fragrance-free home cleaning essentials. The multi-surface cleaner and dish soap are made with plant-derived ingredients that powerfully cut grease and grime. Hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive skin, the baby laundry detergent is for adults, too. Plus, dryer cloths make fabrics softer and less staticky.

Puracy, from $55/box

Non-toxic, plant-based, and family-owned, Puracy makes natural home and self-care products. The brand's home cleaning box features multi-surface cleaners like many other bundles, but also uniquely targets home fabric maintenance with stain remover and carpet and upholstery shampoo. If your furniture gets frequently tarnished, this may be the subscription for you.


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