12 Tools You Need to Set Up Your Home Garden

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If you're anything like us, "Start gardening" has been on your list of resolutions since about 2018. Well, this is officially our year. There's never been a better time to set up your indoor, outdoor, or community garden for delicious fresh herbs and veggies or a colorful array of beautiful flowers. Even if the view out of your window is still a bit reminiscent of the Ice Age, prepping all of your supplies now will only make it that much easier to start once the ground finally thaws. Ready to flex your green thumb? Here are 12 tools and products that will make your future gardening efforts a breeze.


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1. Flexrake CF24W Spring Rake, $41.40

First things first: Make some space. Grab a rake and lear that gunk out. You can't grow anything new without removing the old.


2. Best Choice Products Wood Garden Potting Bench, $169.99

Introducing, your new gardening control center.


3. Tierra Garden Gardenwalk Traditional Watering Can, $38.25

A must-have. Practicality always comes first, but cute home decor is a close second.


4. Anthropologie Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves, $38

Gardening, but make it fashion.


5. Sustainable Sprout Vegetable Seeds, $12.95

These adorable seedlings aren't just Instagram-worthy — they're practically foolproof. All of the seeds, from cucumber to radishes, feature indoor and outdoor growing capabilities and include a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


6. West Elm Gardening Folding Seat w/ Tools, $105

If you're really new to the whole game, go for this compact tool kit — which is also a handy folding seat. It has everything from a trowel and cultivator to a weeder and garden fork.


7. Modern Sprout Tiny Terra Cotta Kits, $12.99 each

Make it easy on yourself and simply add water to these tiny terra cotta pots. Choose from daisies, poppies, lavender, clover, and catnip.


8. Lulind Slate Plant Labels (15-pack), $34.99

Whatever kind of garden you grow, big or small, don't make the mistake of forgetting about it. Label your spinach, tomatoes, and sunflowers accordingly so you can keep track of watering and blooming schedules.

9. Vertex Garden Rocker Comfort Seat, $37.76

This nifty garden rocker moves nimbly around with you so you can comfortably access your plants while eliminating stress on your back and knees.

10. CobraCo English Horse Trough Planter (small), $33.82

If you're limited on actual yard space, pop one of these planters on your windowsill or fence to provide the perfect environment for growing.

11. San Diego Raffia Sun Hat, $56

Long hours spent outside mean there's no time to be left unprotected. A chic sunhat will do the trick nicely.

12. AeroGarden Sprout LED with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, $69.99

When in doubt, let this indoor garden do the work for you. It has an overhead LED light that gives just enough "sunlight," while an advanced hydroponic system keeps herbs and plants healthy and thriving.

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