13 Urban Outfitters Gardening Tools Under $25

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While you might associate Urban Outfitters' home section with chic bedding or quirky ceramics, it's also a great spot for gardening finds. Whether you're just starting on your plant journey, or you need to refresh some of your tools, there's something for everyone.


And you don't need to spend a ton to invest in these chic staples. In fact, you can browse through a few super practical items that come in at less than $25.

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Check out our budget-friendly picks below.

1. Mother Co. Plants Soil, $12

First things first: Did you know UO actually carries soil? You can find hand-mixed dirt for both your cacti and tropical plants — and it comes in a recycled paper pouch.


2. Blue Hand Trowel, $12

Start with the basics and grab yourself this cute little hand trowel made of oak wood and stainless steel.


3. Spray Bottle Watering Can, $19

Get the best of both worlds with this super handy plastic watering can and spray bottle.



4. Mini Terracotta Planter, $5

If you've got some smaller cacti in your garden, give them a home with these super cute planters.


5. Garden Waist Apron, $22

Need more pockets? Add this denim and leather apron to your outfit.


6. Plant Mister, $14

Everyone needs a little plant mister. This chic find is made of glass and plastic, with a rust-free top.


7. Mother Co. Plants Fertilizer, $22

Do your plants need a little help? Try this all-natural, urea-free fertilizer (bonus: the packaging is delightful).



8. Spotted Cat Planter, $24

We love a good planter and this cat-shaped ceramic one is equal parts whimsical and stylish.


9. Live Assorted Succulents (Set of 4), $20

While you're at it, you can actually order some succulents to fill out your collection.

10. Green Hand Rake, $12

A basic hand rake is always a good idea. This one comes in three shades of green — which one you get in the mail is a surprise, as the brand chooses them at random.

11. Parker 6" Planter + Drainage Tray Set, $24


This ceramic piece is super chic ​and​ practical. It comes with a drainage hole and tray, which makes maintenance that much easier.

12. Garden Tool Bucket Tote Bag, $22

Keep all your tools organized with this polyester canvas tote, which features plenty of pockets.

13. Shaped Watering Bulb, $19

This adorable glass watering bulb will make sure your plants stay hydrated.



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