This Simple Hack Will Turn Cardboard Into Plastic-Free Plant Pots

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If your recycling bin is overflowing with cardboard boxes from your latest online shopping spree and you happen to love plants and gardening, we found the most perfect hack for you.


On TikTok, gardener Simon Akeroyd shared a brilliant way to create plastic-free plant pots, and all you need is cardboard, water, and a tin can or glass container.

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First, soak the cardboard in water for about 15 minutes. Next, wrap strips of cardboard around a glass container or a tin can. Remove the container or can before the cardboard dries completely, and voila! You have an eco-friendly alternative to plastic plant pots.

According to Akeroyd, these plastic-free pots are great for sowing seeds, and when planted directly into the ground, the cardboard will naturally decompose without disturbing the plant roots.

If there's ever been a gardening hack you want to test out (especially during Earth Month), this is it. Happy planting!



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