When in Doubt, These 10 Plants Will Make the Perfect Gift

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Welcome to Plant Week: Our guide to all things indoor plants, including tips for beginners, advice on care, and tons of plant-spo.

Plants are a true mark of adulthood. When we're younger, most of us struggle to care for ourselves, let alone another living thing. So, when you walk into a home that features thriving botanicals, you know that the dweller is, at the very least, responsible enough to keep something alive. Plants are also timeless decorative accents that instantly make a space feel more inviting and sophisticated, adding literal and figurative life to any design, no matter the aesthetic.


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So, it's safe to say plants are the MVP of gifts. Botanicals are among the few presents that last for years and years, serving as a daily reminder for the recipient that you care about them. Plus, they're extremely versatile, just as appropriate for a coworker as they are for a very dear friend or relative. But not all plants are created equal, which is why we pulled together a list of our favorite, most stylish plants for everyone on your list (including a few for those who may struggle with the whole keeping-a-plant-alive thing).


Scroll down to see 10 of our favorite plants to gift for the holidays.

Maranta, $33

Maranta plants, also called "prayer plants", are beautiful, easy-to-care-for botanicals, making them great for someone who doesn't have the greenest of thumbs. Plus, they're super-expressive, opening and closing their leaves depending on the time of day.


The Monet, $90

Called a Pilea, and sometimes referred to as a "friendship plant," this plant will add a pop of playful greenery anywhere it's placed. It also regularly produces little baby Pileas, making it the gift that truly keeps on giving.


Monstera Deliciosa, $249+

This highly coveted plant is a favorite among plant enthusiasts, so it's perfect for your plant-loving friends. It also comes in a variety of mid-century-inspired vessels, featuring a range of hues, so it's easy to find the perfect one for your pal.


Sansevieria, $150

Another beginner-friendly plant, Sansevieria, a.k.a. the "snake plant," doesn't need much light or water to thrive, so it'll work in a variety of environments. And in addition to being interesting to look at and easy to care for, it purifies the air by removing formaldehyde.


String of Pearls, $68

This plant is a little more finicky than some others — it requires bright light and can be sensitive to drafts — but its unique look makes it well worth it. The little strings can also be easily propagated, so it's a cinch to grow more of 'em.


Assorted Echeveria, 4-Pack, $48

Sleek and simple, this quartet is a great complement to a contemporary aesthetic. Succulents are also relatively easy to care for, so they're a great gift for anyone, no matter their plant competence.


Costa Farms Small Cacti and Succulent Dish, $32.99

A cute, easy succulent in an adorable planter is basically plant-gift-perfection.

Succulent Trio, $45

With their compelling variety and sweet vessels, this trio will elevate any look. Plus, they come in four different vase styles and ten different colors so there's something for everyone.

Plum Orchid, $69

Classic and elegant, you can never go wrong with gifting an orchid. And, unlike most flowering plants, orchid flowers can last for months on end and require very little (but careful) maintenance.

'Gilly' the Brazilian Rain Tree, $85+

Fun fact: Any small, carefully pruned tree can be a Bonsai tree, and this shop offers lots of beautiful ones. This Brazilian Rain Tree looks stunning year-round and provides fragrant, puffy pink flowers depending on the season.