The Stars Know Best: Here's the Best Plant for Every Zodiac Sign

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On the surface, astrology is about the stars, and plants are, well, decidedly terrestrial beings. But upon closer consideration, it actually makes a lot of sense to align these two interests: Zodiac is all about behaviors, relationships, and the ways we interact with others. In this case, those "others" just happen to be houseplants. (What? A roommate is a roommate, even if it only eats sunlight and doesn't pay rent.)

That's why we caught up with Bloomscape's resident "Plant Mom," Joyce Mast — a horticulturist with 40+ years of experience — to ask her what plants play into our cosmic character the best. The results? Well, let's just say that this Pisces should've taken the advice about low-maintenance plants looooong ago. She would've saved a lot of money if she played to her strengths.

Scroll down to see the best plants for every zodiac.

Aries: Prayer Plant

Bloomscape Red Prayer Plant
credit: Bloomscape

If you're an Aries with an impatient streak, take note. "The Red Prayer Plant grows quickly with two-toned leaves and resembles hands folded in prayer in the evening time, perfect for the impatient Aries who is always waiting for something to happen," says Mast.

Taurus: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fidde leaf fig
credit: Bloomscape

"A moderate plant to care for, the Fiddle Leaf Fig needs a devoted Taurus to be its reliable and patient plant parent," Mast tells us. We know a Taurus would take plant care seriously.

Gemini: Spider Plant

Bloomscape Spider Plant
credit: Bloomscape

Gemini's adaptable nature calls for a green roommate who loves to go with the flow just as much as its human counterpart. "Considered to be among the most adaptable houseplants, the Spider Plant is perfect for the ever-changing Gemini who is constantly moving and learning," Mast tells us.

Cancer: Hedgehog Aloe Plant

Hedgehog Aloe
credit: Bloomscape

"For a plant just as tenacious as you are, Cancers would pair well with the forgiving Hedgehog Aloe," Mast says. This plant has a persistent nature (you go, girl!) and can also be used for skincare like a regular aloe plant — perfect for nurturing Cancers, who love taking care of others.

Leo: Snake Plant

Snake Plant
credit: Bloomscape

"Easy for the lazy Leo, Snake Plants thrive when they're essentially ignored," according to Mast. (Don't get mad, Leo, you know it's true! Plus, a low-commitment plant allows more time for you to indulge your creative side.)

Virgo: Pothos Plant

Silver Pothos
credit: Bloomscape

The practical side of this plant will make sense to analytical Virgo. "The Silver Pothos plant is essentially a living air purifier, perfect for the practical Virgo looking to clean up their space," Mast explains.

Libra: Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm
credit: Bloomscape

Why is it that Libras seem like they can be fronds — er, we mean "friends" — with everybody? "Far easier to care for than its Palm-cousins, the Parlor Palm will adapt to a variety of situations, making it a perfect pair for the cooperative Libra," says Mast.

Scorpio: Calathea Beauty Star

Calathea Beauty Star
credit: Bloomscape

There's something truly distinctive about Calathea Beauty Star — and we're not just talking about its striking name. So it stands to reason that a real original like Scorpio would gravitate towards it uniqueness — and savor the challenge. "For the passionate and brave Scorpio, the Calathea Beauty Star is a 'moderate care' plant that features a feather-like striping pattern in pink and iridescent white," says Mast.

Sagittarius: Monstera

credit: Bloomscape

As the default golden child of the internet, it's no secret that Monstera has plenty of personality. "The lively Monstera plant is perfect for the humorous Sagittarius, and its wild, climbing growth will satisfy all of those impatient tendencies," Mast tells us.

Capricorn: Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion
credit: Bloomscape

Disciplined and responsible Caps are great at providing a stable environment for their plant buddies — and that's exactly what this type loves. "Capricorns who prefer a challenge will appreciate the consistency needed to allow the beautifully patterned Calathea Medallion to thrive," according to Mast. And a bonus for Capricorns who might be living with any four-legged housemates as well: Calathea Medallion is pet-friendly.

Aquarius: Yucca Plant

Yucca Cane
credit: Bloomscape

"For the aloof Aquarius, the Yucca Cane plant can survive almost anything—even months without water," says Mast. (This also comes in handy when Aquarius decides to embark on a trip to commune with nature and leaves her houseplants alone.)

Pisces: Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm
credit: Bloomscape

Creative fishes, this one's for you. "The Ponytail Palm is a distinct and hardy, yet whimsical plant perfect for the artistic Pisces," says Mast. And if dreamy Pisces happens to get lost in her own little world and forgets to water it for a while, that's okay!

Emily Bihl

Emily Bihl

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