The Best Plants to Buy on Amazon, According to Reviewers

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Few items make a house a home the way that plants do. In addition to elevating any interior, plants quite literally purify the air that you breathe and, studies have shown, have the ability to lift your mood, improve your concentration, and even enhance productivity. In other words, there's no reason ​not​ to add a plant (or five) to your household, but choosing the right ones can be difficult because there are so many different varieties and factors to consider.


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For instance, some plants are quite picky, requiring very particular conditions to thrive, while others require very little in the way of care and can grow in even the most neglectful homes. And if you have pets, you'll also want to consider which plants are toxic to your furry friends and which ones are safe for them to munch on should the mood strike.


To help you adopt the perfect plant for your needs with the click of a button, we rounded up the best plants on Amazon for every type of household and level of green (or not so green) thumb below.

Best for Beginners

Pothos plants are ideal for beginners because they're super low maintenance, requiring very little care to thrive. Plus, they don't need much light, so if your home is on the darker side, you can still watch this beauty grow. In addition to being a breeze to care for, these plants also grow fairly quickly, filling your home with long, lush vines that look great wrapped around bookcases or shelving.


Best for Gifting

Looking for something small to deliver straight to a pal? These sweet succulents make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. They're visually compelling, instantly enhancing any aesthetic, and easy to care for, so you needn't worry about the botanical aptitude of the giftee. These plants also come with a 30-day warranty, so if they arrive less than healthy, you can receive a replacement no problem.


Best for Pets

If you have beloved pets at home, this beauty is the perfect pick. It's completely non-toxic to animals and doesn't require much water or light, so it's also easy to care for. But the coolest aspect of this stunner is that its beautiful leaves open during the day and close at night, looking as though they're in prayer, hence the name Prayer Plant.


Best for Prosperity

Whether you're hoping for that big promotion or starting your own side hustle, a money tree is thought to send all the success vibes your way. Those who practice feng shui place one in the home to bring positive energy to the household. They're also easy to care for as they only ask for bright, indirect sunlight, humidity, and occasional watering. Get ready to attract some abundance into your space.


Best for Blooms

If your idea of a living plant also includes a little extra eye candy, an orchid is always a good idea. They can be a little finicky when it comes to their care, so if you live in low-light conditions or have a tendency to overwater, then they might not be the best choice. However, if you have a sunny window and are willing to closely monitor the plant's watering needs, then you'll be awarded stunning blooms that last for months, which you won't find in most other flowering plants. (Need a little extra help? Here are our tips for maintaining a stunning orchid.)


Best for the Office

Given that they can enhance your productivity and mood, plants are stellar office companions — sadly, however, most offices aren't exactly made with optimal growing conditions in mind. Fortunately, Snake Plants don't need much to thrive — they do just fine in low light with infrequent watering, so you can take a vacation without worrying about your new plant friend. They also grow straight up, so they won't encroach on your desk space.


Best for Your Health

This leafy beauty is known for purifying and cleansing the air around it and caring for them couldn't be easier. Just watch out for overwatering, place them in medium light, and re-pot them if they grow too large for their current home. Beyond being beautiful decor — you may even notice little white blooms on your plant — your peace lily will also reward you will health and easy-breathing.

Best for Large Spaces

This plant's large, Swiss Cheese-like leaves make it among the most coveted on the market. Monsteras do best in bright rooms with indirect sunlight, and they need humidity, so you'll likely have to mist it regularly, but if you make this plant happy, it will give you some of the most stunning leaves you've ever seen. It also gets big very quickly, so it's great as a living room floor plant.