Find an Indoor Plant That Actually Suits Your Personality

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Indoor houseplants are among the very best forms of decor, injecting not just character but the energy of life into your home. Of course, if you've tried your hand at creating an indoor greenhouse, you know it's not easy. But perhaps you just haven't been getting plants that are right for you. So, before you go bringing just any ol' potted greenery past your front door, check out this guide to indoor plants that are specifically suited to different personality types.


The Parties-All-Night, Sleeps-All-Day Dweller

Houseplant: Snake Plant

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Snake plants do best the less you fuss over them, and are perfect for people who are still figuring out this whole adult thing. They don't need much light, which is great news for late-sleepers who like to close their curtains, and require much less water than the hangover you're nursing.

The Person With Every Airborne Allergy Imaginable

Houseplant: Spider Plant


One of the most popular houseplants due to its resilience and lush variegated leaves, the spider plant is also one of nature's greatest air purifiers. Give it some bright, indirect sunlight, water when the top inch of soil dries out, and in return, a spider plant will battle common air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene.

The Romantic Who Wants a Plant to Grow Old With

Houseplant: Pothos


With a little bright, indirect light, and sporadic watering, this tropical hanging plant — which is also called Devil's Ivy — would be happy to just grow and grow and grow. Nurture your pothos plant's independence, and its vine-y tendrils will trail across every square inch of your home and may even outlive you.


The Instagrammer With Influencer Aspirations

Houseplant: Split-Leaf Philodendron


Can't take a sip of your matcha or a bite of açai parfait without first documenting it on social media? The split-leaf philodendron is the plant for you. Better known as the monstera, this plant's huge, perfectly cut-out leaves are arguably the hottest foliage on Instagram right now. The plant — which likes bright, indirect sunlight and weekly waterings — was basically made for the Juno filter.


The Ikea-Hacker

Houseplant: Aloe


Crafty up-cyclers who actually follow through on those Ikea hacks most just marvel at will like that the aloe plant's architectural simplicity doesn't compete with their handiwork. Better yet, they'll dig its ability to soothe cuts, scrapes, and burns the next time they have an accident with the power tools.

The Type-A Perfectionist

Houseplant: Fiddle Leaf Fig


The first few months of bringing home a fiddle leaf fig plant are a bit like having a newborn for first-time parents — the plant needs a lot of attention and care until everyone settles into a comfortable routine. Best in bright, indirect sunlight, a fiddle fig can grow to be a stately, attention-grabbing fixture, with huge, paddle-shaped, dark green foliage. But it's just as easy for this plant to have a tantrum and drop its leaves if it's unhappy with its new environment. If you're Type-A and have room on your to-do list for attending to its whims, the moody fiddle fig will thrive. Everyone else, proceed with caution.



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