11 Artfully Arranged Succulents Seen on Instagram

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When it come to potting plants, many of us wonder whether or not we've got the green thumb to keep them happy. So, for those of you who are questioning, consider succulents β€” they are easy to care for and thrive both indoors and out. They also come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can get creative with how and where you arrange them, no matter the size of your space. Here are 11 truly artful succulent arrangements we saw on Instagram that have us heading to the nursery pronto.


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1. We love this clever solution by This Doesn't Succulent (how cute is this Instagram name?) as a way to update an old school garden fountain that has seen better days. Planting succulents in a variety of colors and shapes on each tier created an eclectic twist and beautiful edition to her prized garden.

2. Succulents are hardy enough to be be placed in containers that don't need to be as deep as other potted plants. Take these pretty ones in shades of green and peach placed in old tree branches by artist Sarah Pondevie. The effect is a dreamy forest feel.

3. Forgo a pot or planter and get yourself a succulent wreath. Pop Up Succulent Shop gives workshops on how to create your every own. We saw a plethora of inspired ideas while looking at her pretty pics. We love the idea of keeping a wreath like this on a front door where you can add seasonal touches year round.

4. Who doesn't love a centerpiece or special arrangement to boost your mood? No matter the occasion β€” or for no occasion at all β€” we thought this lovely combo of succulents spotted on Mrs. Mae's Arrangements was super stylish. Picture it on a credenza, on an entryway console, or as the focal point on a large dining table.

5. Planting an array of succulents in a group of pots mixed and matched like this creates the perfect spot to ponder over a sunrise or sunset. We saw this on Just Grow Succulents and felt instantly inspired. They way it all comes together looks like a true labor of love.

6. On a fence or as a window box, a planter like this one by Succulent Flora made from an old rain gutter is a genius way to add some color and endless conversation pieces to an outdoor space. We love the rustic surfaces of metal and wood together broken up by this always cheerful flora.

7. Hanging pots are always a smart addition to any spot that gets a nice amount of natural light. But there was just something about this black container filled to the brim with the most dazzling display of vivid succulents that made our heart skip a beat. We suggest perusing The Savvy Succulent's feed for more of this pumped up feeling.


8. We saw a few of these types of painterly approaches to succulent potting, but this pretty one really got us thinking of trying a version of our very own. The simple approach Garden Life Ray took by only using green echeveria with white and dark brown ornamental stones is making our eyes very happy indeed.

9. What struck us most about this clever succulent arrangement was how it just looks like something nature would have wanted. Jen's Succulent Casseroles is worth a second and third look for amazingly inspired and just really fun takes on putting these beauties on display in ways that will make anyone's day.

10. Another clever arrangement by The Savvy Succulent, but this gorgeous grouping is giving us autumn vibes. We think these pumpkin-shaped pots filled with plants in green and yellow tones are truly to die for and are the perfect antidote for those of us who prefer a twist to our fall decor.

11. One of our personal faves we see popping up in backyards and even interiors are vertical gardens. And this sumptuous succulent fence on a home's exterior on Brody Plants' feed just took our breath away. The more we stare at it, the more we discover how many marvelous varieties have been combined in this stunning creation.


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