11 of the Sexiest Scandi-Style Homes Seen on Instagram

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We can agree that Scandinavian style is soothing for the soul. The neutral color tones, the natural surfaces, the emphasis on coziness all day, every day. But we also think it can be super sexy. Here are some of the sexiest scandi-style homes we spotted while scrolling IG.


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1. Throwing a long leisurely dinner party is all we want to do when we saw this gorgeous dining room in a Stockholm apartment spotted on Curated Cosy. (Photo credit: Historiska Hem.) We're loving the gallery wall, the modern chandelier and, well, everything we see.

2. This sexy Parisian apartment with furniture designs by Fleur Delasalle combines Scandi-style minimalism with contemporary curves that get a chef's kiss from us. Who's ready to drape herself over that gorgeous green couch?


3. When we saw this chic outdoor dining area we gasped. The black elements, rustic stone, and light wood surfaces are peak modern Scandi-style. We're seriously coveting the eco-friendly fire pit by Vauni and are inviting ourselves over for an al fresco dinner stat.

4. Scandinavian decor can really work in just about any space. Proven here by this stunning living room design from Ludovica and Roberto Palomba in Puglia, Italy. Is it us or did beige and white tones never look so seductive together?


5. What makes Scandi-style sexy is how simple it can be. Because who needs complicated? Combining midcentury modern pieces in just the right way is the secret sauce. Take this Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard drop leaf table we spotted on Japandi Lights' grid. Placed in this gorgeous room with a soft pendant lamp, a chair, a stool, some art pieces; it all comes together like a masterpiece.

6. We spotted this spectacular bedroom on Designlou's feed and were captivated over how it just seems even more spectacular (and inviting) with the simplicity of Scandi-style. Creams, whites, and just the perfect touch of minimal color is making us fall in lust over and over again.


7. Another living room that stopped us mid-scroll is this swoon-worthy setting seen on Azure Raye Home. The mix of natural textures and surfaces caught our eye. The vision of having all our favorites gathered on that couch for cocktails, looking out that giant window, has us daydreaming.

8. We love a home library. But one that includes a place to gather with a few friends for a book club or share a some charcuterie is next level. This room on Minimalism Decor's insta ​instantly​ captivated us. The bright white shelves and ceiling create the perfect setting for this table for four and we're crushing hard.


9. Something about this space we saw on Per Jansson's page that had our heart racing while also feeling very grounded. Maybe the white color palette made it happen. Or maybe all the photos we want to take for our own Insta while posing on that couch did too.

10. One of the first rules of Scandi-style is go for hygge in your space no matter what. That feeling of comfort and coziness came to life for us when we saw this room on Haus Tannekamp's gram. Who doesn't want the perfect place to dive into a book or take an afternoon nap or just be in the moment and enjoy the view? Sign us up.


11. Speaking of cozy and comfy, this living room in the home of artist Simone Polk looks like a big hug and we're sure it feels like one too. It's sexy and serene and feels like a place in which we'd pretty much always be in a good mood. It's really a whole mood in the best way.


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