Pinterest Says This Decor Item Is Trending for Fall Tablescapes

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Fall is coming and one of the most exciting things about the season is setting your table for an intimate, cozy dinner. According to Pinterest, searches for succulent table centerpieces are up 91% on the site's Shop Tab (from July to August 2021, compared to the same time last year).


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There are a variety of ways to decorate your sanctuary with the look — keep scrolling for a few ideas!

1. Plant your own.

If you are new to the world of succulents, that's okay too — our guide is here to help you navigate the succulent trend. With the various lockdowns and global pandemic, many of us turned to horticulture as a hobby and succulents, in particular, are one of the best plants to grow indoors because they are always in and easy to care for. You can also let your personality shine through your centerpiece with your own fancy designs.


Here's the full DIY!

2. Make these DIY concrete planters.

Image Credit: Maya Marin
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Now we know concrete might not be your first idea when thinking about a centerpiece, but it is a staple in decor and interior design. Our tutorial below gives you all the tips to DIY your own concrete planter.


Get the full DIY tutorial here.

3. Winnoby Cleo Stone Bowl, $42.27

Cleo Stone Bowl from Winnoby
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You can also buy your own succulent bowl. Winnoby's white Cleo bowl, filled with succulents, revives a coffee table, cabinet, or even your desk for studying.

4. Crate & Barrel Faux Succulents in Low Round Pot, $49.95

With Crate & Barrel's faux succulents, there's no watering or sunlight required.