Best Plant to Choose If You're a Libra

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If your Zodiac sign is Libra (born between September 23 and October 22), we've found your heavenly houseplant: the string of hearts plant.


Kind, peace-loving, and always willing to put others before themselves, Libras value harmony and symmetry in all forms. This air sign is ruled by Venus and so it's no surprise that Libras adore beauty, but they have the knack for spotting it where others might not look, in subtle color combinations and unusual patterns. Libras are the peacemakers of the horoscope and their greatest joy is showering others with love.


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So given all this, no houseplant could be a better match for Libra than a string of hearts. It's right up Libra's alley: gorgeous but nontraditional, with unique, heart-shaped foliage in a marbled gray-green pattern and thin, purple vines.

About the String of Hearts Plant

Despite its small mottled leaves and delicate appearance, the string of hearts plant is a fast growing succulent and amazingly robust. This winning combination that makes it a trendy and popular indoor plant and a perfect plant match for Libra. The subtle patterns on the vine's leaves look like marbled silvery hearts strung on thin, purple string. The wiry stems are cascading, making this a perfect hanging-basket plant with a balance and fullness that will appeal to harmonious Libras.


The eclectic beauty of the string of hearts plant extends to its blossoms. They aren't explosively showy but have an eccentric and compelling charm. The flowers appear on the vines from summer through fall, each an inch-long magenta tube with a bulbous base.

How to Care for String of Hearts

A Libra's deepest dream is a room full of happy people, so it would be out of character for this air sign to fail to meet a friend's needs, even when the friend is a houseplant. But amazing abstract theories about plant care are easier and more fun for Libra than day-to-day follow-through, so a low-maintenance plant would be the best fit here. That's one more reason that string of hearts is perfect for a Libra. Although it looks romantically complex, it is actually an easy-growing succulent that can tolerate neglect. Well-draining soil is required (think soil designed for cacti), as well as dappled or indirect light and an occasional deep drink. Let the soil dry out between waterings, and never leave the plant in standing water.


Libra has more friends and fewer enemies than any other horoscope sign. When friends see the string of hearts plant and fall in love with this cascading charmer, Libra will have the joy of clipping a cutting as a gift. Cuttings with at least two nodes take root quickly, often in two weeks. Even single heart-shaped leaves can be used for propagation. Sharing the love is what Libras like best.


Shopping for the String of Hearts Plant

The hardest thing about the string of hearts plant is finding it locally. We always suggest you start a plant search at your local garden store, but unless you live in an urban center, the odds are not good. Online you will find lots of options.


There are only two types available in commerce: regular and variegated. Both actually boast variegated leaves but the one termed "variegated" has an attractive purple flush at the leaf edges. Either one is a definite winner.

Amazon is usually a good bet, and it comes through this time with a wide selection of these succulents. We particularly admire the plants from California Tropicals: rooted plants with six inches of cascading foliage for about $30. But the variegated version from the Winter Greenhouse Store is also tempting, for a little less cash.


As usual, Etsy offers many options. The string of hearts plants available on Etsy range from rooted cuttings — a real steal given how quickly they grow — to potted plants, regular and variegated. We like McGoodbuy's Variegated String of Hearts at just under $15, but there are many lovely choices so take a look. The variegated version from Mirage of Eden looks enticing and the shop has almost 2,000 five-star reviews. A four-inch plant is just under $30.




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