Best Plant to Choose If You're a Gemini

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If your Zodiac sign is Gemini (born between May 21 and June 20), we've found the perfect plant for you. Gemini's symbol is the Twins and these light-hearted social chameleons are known for having two different selves they display to the world. Enthusiastic and fun, they are very social air signs, so what could be a better houseplant match than the staghorn fern (​Platycerium bifurcatum​​), a wildly popular epiphyte with an upright branching leaf structure that looks like deer antlers. It grows on tropical trees in the wild, getting everything it needs from the air. As a houseplant, the staghorn fern is "planted" on a wood backing and is always the center of attention, just like the typical Gemini.

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About Staghorn Fern

With its unique and eye-catching allure, the staghorn fern is a great match for supremely social Gemini. And Gemini's "twin" nature is echoed in the staghorn's foliage. It produces two distinctly different kinds of fronds, sterile fronds that cover the root base in overlapping layers of round leaves, and fertile fronds that rise up in the antler-branching pattern. Independent Gemini loves all types of freedom, and the exceptional self-sufficiency of the staghorn — pulling both food and water from the air — is spot on target.

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Staghorn fern doesn't grow in soil, but only needs some kind of most growing medium like sphagnum moss to cover its roots. And those roots can hold onto almost any support, like a slice of wood, a rock, or a piece of bark. This will appeal deeply to adaptable Gemini, among the most versatile horoscope signs, adjusting to new surroundings and circumstances in the blink of an eye and totally expert at rolling with the punches.

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How to Care for Staghorn Fern

A Gemini is an intellectual powerhouse driven by curiosity soaking up knowledge like a sponge​.​ The Gemini notion of "nurturing" involves figuring out something complex then explaining it to others. The more basic aspects of providing care don't interest them much. That's why the staghorn fern's easy-care ways will win a Gemini heart.

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Accustomed to taking what they need from the air, staghorns don't need or want anyone hovering over them. Give them a spot with indirect sun and water when they wilt and they'll do just fine. Too little sun may bring on pests and diseases while direct sun will burn their fronds. Do they thrive on being the center of attention? As plants, they probably don't care, at least not to the extent a Gemini might.

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Staghorn are ferns and tropical ones at that. This means that they aren't going to like chilly weather. However, if you keep the house within the normal range of 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the staghorn will thrive. The plants also like humidity — the more the better. They will look their best when placed in the moist air of a kitchen, for example. Alternatively, Gemini, buy a small humidifier so you don't have to mist.

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Shopping for Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns have become increasingly popular houseplants, so the odds of finding one locally improve every day. Check at your local garden store where you can see the air plants with your own eyes and pick one that calls out to you. You can pick one that is already mounted on support backing, or — Geminis with time on their hands — can purchase a plant and mount it themselves.This is the type of plant care that is more creativity than routine, so will fit well with Gemini's personality.

The internet loves staghorns these days, so buying online is another great option. We are very fond of Etsy's selections, particularly the large wall-mounted staghorn fern offered for $55. If shopping on Amazon, be sure the plant you pick is real, not artificial, since the "faux" plants look very realistic indeed, at least online. We prefer the 6.5-inch live staghorn, rated at 4.4 by over 500 buyers.