Over Winter? Here Are 10 Planters Under $50 to Get You Springtime-Ready

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We'd be lying if we said we weren't totally ready for spring already. Who doesn't love spending time outside and being surrounded by fresh greenery? For true plant lovers, it's never too early to start thinking about expanding that ever-growing plant collection, especially when you already have one growing indoors. And one of the best parts about having plants? Picking out cute planters to put them in.


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Need a little inspo for your next plant haul? Check out these 10 planters to get you ready for spring.

Dolores Planter, starting at $15

Farwell 2-Piece Pot Planter Set, $41.25 $31.99

Project 62 Faceted Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand, starting at $30.00

Raja Gold Hanging Planter, $49.95

Color Dip Pot, starting at $24.00

Terrazzo Planter (large), $39.00

Brushed Gold Metal Crescent Planter, $14.99


Opalhouse Woven Planter with Wood Legs, $35.00

Fiona Pink Planter, $16.95

Nesta Ceramic Pot Planter, $25.00