Take a Guess: Cake or Plant?

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Cakes and plants are two very great things on their own. But what happens when you join those two ideas together? Cakes that look just like plants. Is your millennial mind completely blown? Take a look at these Instagram finds to see if you can guess — cake or plant?

A trio of modern succulents? Or cake?

A: Cake.

Calathea plant? Or birthday cake?

A: Caaaake.

Artfully arranged pot with multiple succulents ... OR CAKE.

A: Cake cake cake.

Cacti or cake?

A: I'll take "cake" for $200, Alex.

Flower pot? Cake? What u think?

A: Dassa cake, bro.

Millennial accessory? Or le cake?

A: C'est un cake.

Mint plants ready for replanting in the garden? Or cakeroos?

A: You got caked!

Southwestern decor? OR GOLLY GEE I DUNNO MAYBE IT'S A CAKE?!

A: 100 percent that cake.

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