12 IKEA Gardening Essentials Under $15

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Whether your garden is big or small, indoor or outdoor, thriving or struggling, IKEA has the gardening tools for you. We are especially impressed by how versatile its selection is, from plant sensors to tool sets and pots in all shapes in sizes. To see exactly what we mean, scroll on.


1. Gräsmarö Gardening Tool Set, $4.99

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Now you've got your trowel, hand rake, and bulb trowel all at the ready.

2. Chilipulver Plant Watering Sensor, $4.99

When your plants are thirsty, this sensor will light up. It takes all the guesswork out of plant watering.


3. Sesamfrön Plant Mister, $3.99

This is great for getting dust off leaves — especially for indoor gardens.


4. Sommarfest Flower Box With Holder, $12.99

This box also includes a self-watering insert.



5. Bittergurka Hanging Planter, $12.99

These planters were designed to help you create your very own vertical garden.


6. PS 2002 Watering Can, $1.99

We'd say this is a #1 gardening essential.


7. Bintje Plant Pot, $0.79

This rust-free pot can be purchased for less than $1. Now that's a deal.


8. Stjärnanis Flower Box, $14.99

This flower box can be attached to a wall, thanks to the included hooks.



9. Viladapel Plant Stand, $14.99

In case your plants need a bit of extra height.


10. Ingefära Plant Pot With Saucer, $9.99

For those who prefer their pots with saucers.

11. Svartpeppar Plant Pot Holder, $9.99

This is perfect for hanging your plants off a balcony railing.

12. Vitlök Plant Pot With Holder, $5.99

For all the individual plants you'd like to hang.



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