Age Aside, Anyone Who Loves the Millennial Aesthetic Will Love These Gifts

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

While the term "millennial" can be a bit hard to pin down depending on who you're asking — what year is the cutoff, anyhow? — there's one element of the millennial experience that's much more agreed upon and easily recognizable: the aesthetic. (I mean, really, what other generation has a color named after it?)


A playful, tongue-in-cheek mix of elements from squiggles to muted pinks to plants characterizes the millennial look, so if you're gift shopping for someone between the ages of 23 to 35 (ish), these quirky home finds might be the best place to start.

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1. Home Stretch Interiors Selenite Crystal Unicorn Horn, $18

Crystals, swervy shapes, a vague sense of nostalgia ... this selenite ​objet d'art​ checks several millennial-oriented boxes.


2. Lex Pot Twist Candle, $40

An appealingly unexpected shape for the dinner table or mantle.


3. Urban Outfitters Ansel Table Lamp, $89

The subtle glow on a desk or nightstand is exactly what's needed as your millennial friend binge-watches '90s shows on Disney+.


4. Workaday Handmade Mug, $46


Millennials may now and forever be associated with their titular "millennial pink," but this earthy terra cotta shade is a close competitor for Most Millennial Hue. The chunky, playful shape of these mug handles just levels-up the look.


5. Terrain Potted Monstera Felt Ornament, $14

Millennials and their Monstera plants, amirite?


6. Home Stretch Interiors Sticker Pack (Set of 5), $15

Houseplants, boho-cool ceramics, and a rattan peacock chair. If these stickers aren't aesthetically pleasing, we don't know what is.


7. Meesha Farzaneh Because Bewbs Rug Pillow, $68


"Boob motif" pillows, planters, and rugs are surprisingly prevalent these days, but this super-plush example really rises above the rest. Meesha Farzaneh relaunched her iconic pillow this year to benefit breast cancer funds with every purchase, and the four chic colorways are already in high demand. But don't worry if you missed the first round; they'll restock on Thanksgiving.


8. West Elm Paradiso Taper Holders (Set of 2), $40

Some borosilicate goodness, this time in the form of a taper holder set. Dreamy.


9. Sophie Lou Jacobsen Wave Pitcher, $215

The two key colors of the millennial age, together at last. This pitcher is a work of art in itself — style it as a vase with a few farmer's market flowers, or use it to dish out mimosas at brunch.


10. Not Work Related Terra Cotta Shapes Planter, $90

Add a pretty Pothos and you've got a gift any millennial will love.

11. W&P Matcha Set, $65

Matcha hasn't ​quite​ replaced coffee in the millennial mind, but it's close.

12. Peaches Ceramics Salt Cellar, $48

The subtle gradient of this sunny hued salt cellar makes it a fun kitchen addition.

13. Graf Lantz Monstera Medium Trivet, $24

Monstera-oriented goodness that's both aesthetically appealing and practical: The natural merino felt protects surfaces and is also water-resistant and stain-resistant. (Just in case the dinner party gets crazy.)


14. W&P Spice Grinder, $35

For the millennial who is working on their kitchen skills — a very pleasing spice grinder in a peachy shade of you-know-what.

15. Furbish Studio Cher Knows Best Needlepoint Pillow, $85

"Elder millennials" will love it for the Cher quote. Younger millennials will associate it with T-Swift. It's kind of great, either way.



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